Arbitrary Skill Index, or ASI for short, is an index relative to a player's total skill; hence players with more skills will have a higher ASI. ASI is taken into account when calculating player's wages; a higher ASI means higher wages. ASI is exponential, therefore a player of 50,000 ASI doesn't have 10 times as many skill points as a player of 5,000 ASI. ASI shouldn't be solely relied on when considering how good a player is; instead, the key skills for that player's position should be considered. For example, here are two DCs:

The first one has the following skills: Str 15 Sta 10 Pac 15 Mar 15 Tac 15 Wor 10 Pos 10 Pas 10 Cro 5 Tec 5 Hea 15 Fin 1 Lon 1 Set 1

The second has the following skills: Str 10 Sta 5 Pac 10 Mar 1 Tac 1 Wor 5 Pos 5 Pas 20 Cro 20 Tec 20 Hea 1 Fin 20 Lon 20 Set 20

While the second one has more total skill points (158 compared to 128), and thus a higher ASI, he has poorer DC skills (Str, Pac, Mar, Tac, Wor, Pos, Hea), while the first DC has much better skills for his position..

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