06/05/07 Interesting...

Anyways, this is under construction. Or review? Whichever you prefer. I am waffling now I know. So let me maybe boast about my trophies, to keep the conversation going and stop you wandering off. I won one 2.1 title, one 1.1 title and reached the semis of the UETA cup... Spliffing ain't it? I made sure to put the good news first. The bad news... I started with a fantatic team (Yeliseev, Zeyntagian, Babalian, Gnuni, Rustambekian, Narinian, Emian... those names still reverberate round the marble halls) which never really lived up to its sum ASI. Mainly because the manager never really worked out the tactics. Then I thought, well, why don't I sign some overrated donkeys to make the team even better! And they came: Spend and Rimmer were actualy quite decent, Stanga and Martins at least were cheap. But Hans Schiodte... Albin Reinstadler... Theodoris Theophanous... blood freezes at the thought of their price tags. But fair dues, they won me my only big league title.

So you know how it will go on... financial ruin and retirement of most stars. Meh. But actually not having the pressure of having to win every game makes things more enjoyable.

and some of the youngsters may even be quite decent...

anyway I am off to watch the training update. Maybe next time I will tell you more. I am sorry, are you asleep?



Seriously, what a rubbish training update.

But I've got elected as Armenia National Coach for the 3rd time - Woo. Well 2nd time really because the first time I got the job halfway through after the previous guy fell to the Grim Reapah of TM. NT elections always fascinate me, once you are in you can commit blue murder and still get re-elected, but anyone trying to get in is always eyed with suspicion and mistrust to rival any. Next time I can tell you about all the National-team related controversy. But for now:

Now then friends,
Light the fire,
Show the flames of our desire,
To all ends
Of this realm
We shall come and overwhelm!

And we'll rule! Rule,
Like the kings that ruled of old,
In silver and in gold,
Our names will shimmer,

And the stars, stars
So far away and cold,
So fearless and bold,
For us will glimmer.