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July 9th, 2007
La Familia
Supporters' Groups
The Brigade, The Bartlettes
BEL-DU Luc Mauwers
CAN-DU Leo Patrick
Assistant Managers
CAN-DU Paul Dorey

Bartlett-Salem United is a professional football club located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The club plays out of Toronto's Nouveau Estadio de Bartlett in that city's west end, and currently competes in the second level of Canadian soccer.

Bartlett-Salem United is operated by a Board of Directors about whom very little is known. This shadowy Board delegates the business operations in the club's front office to a President who, in turn, appoints a Manager to run the sporting operations including transfers and matchday player selection. Bartlett-Salem United also operates a reserve squad known as Bloorcourt City AFC which is operated autonomously by a Reserve Manager. From its inception until its twentieth professional season, the club was known as Bartlett United, and its crest featured the four emblems of the original amateur clubs - a carrot, a heart, a cat, and a donkey - united by a football. In Season 20, the club absorbed The Salem Sorcerers - a major local semi-professional club - and changed their name to Bartlett-Salem United. They also took on a new crest - a combination of Bartlett United's soccer ball and the hat from the Sorcerers' crest. The club changed rebranded again in Season 31 to the original crest and green and white colours of Davenport CFC, one of the founding clubs.


The Early YearsEdit

The club was founded during Season 7 when four rival Toronto amateur clubs amalgamated their senior squads in order to begin playing professionally. The name Bartlett United was chosen to represent the street around which many of the initial players and staff grew up, and the club's crest was meant to acknowledge the four initial clubs. They entered Canada's FITA pyramid in Division 5, group 15 On July 9th, 2007. Bartlett United fielded its first professional squad, comprised entirely of the best players from its member clubs, and managed by neighbourhood legend, Leo Patrick.

United's joined Canada's 5.Division, group 15 midway through Season 7, and quickly started winning. Due to some clubs in higher divisions dissolving into bankruptcy, their eventual fifth-place finish was good enough to promote them into 4.Division where they joined group 5. In Season 8 - their first full season of professional soccer - Bartlett United quickly established themselves as a club to be taken seriously. Losing only four times in the 34 game season, United cruised to their first professional championship finishing 11 points clear at the top of the table. Striker Nick Lefebvre also picked up United's first FITA player award as Lefebvre won 4.Division's Golden Boot.

Season 9 saw United join Canada's 3.Division for the first time. They picked up an impressive 60 points, and finished a mere five points out of a promotion spot. Winger and team captain David Bethune was the key to that successful campaign, and we won the FITA MVP Award for 3.Division, group 3. Season 10 saw United pick up their second-ever trophy as they put together a club-record 74-point season, and finished in the runner-up position behind only Toronto Reds. Their 23 wins in Season 10 still stands as their highest win total in club history, and saw them qualify easily for 2.Division, group 2. Season 10 also saw United go to the All-Canadian Cup semi-finals and an eventual third place-finish.

The Golden YearsEdit

United spent the next four seasons in a very competitive 2.Division, group 2. Though there were many scandals over those four seasons involving clubs like Northage City FC and Redpatch FC, these are generally considered to be the glory years of United's existence. United finished seventh in Season 11 largely as a result of Nick Lefebvre's second career Golden Boot. Beginning in Season 12, however, United begin to have trouble finding the net. Their negative four goal differential that season remains their worst-ever, and saw them sink to a franchise-low eleventh place finish, and resulted in the resignation of their founding Manager, Leo Patrick with a few matches left in the season.

Former United defender Mikko Nurmela returned to the club from his native Finland at the end of Season 12 to take the managerial reins that Patrick vacated. It was his first time managing a professional side, but he managed to lead United to two straight fifth-place seasons in Seasons 13 and 14. The new, defensive style that they played in these seasons frustrated their opponents, but also led to two more seasons where the club finished with a negative goal differential. Season 13 also saw the formation of Bartlett United's reserve squad which began play in the sixth division of Canada. They promoted quickly and have continued to be an important proving ground for the stars of the future. Season 14 was a very difficult season for United as former player and Bartlett Original, Charles Vincent, was brutally murdered in Denmark. The end of Season 14 also saw the darkest day in club history.

The Bartlett Massacre and AftermathEdit

On March 25th, 2009, as Season 14 drew to a close, Bartlett United was preparing to say goodbye to a fan favourite. Patrick "Axe" Axelson was a veteran defender who United acquired from Oxford FC in the English lower divisions. Axelson had previously plaed a key role helping Canadian powerhouse FC Phoenix Heraclius rise from Canada's 5.Division to 2.Division, and he came to United to help provide defensive cover in case of injuries and suspensions. Though he appeared in only 22 matches over three seasons, Axe's contributions and vibrant personality endeared him to United's faithful, so in United's final match of his career at Stade Bartlett, United's Front Office declared it Axe Day and gave out commemorative minitaure axes to many of the supporters.

As La Famillia and the soon-to-be-relegated Montreal Impact played what was in effect a meaningless match, the Montreal supporters began taunting the Toronto supporters' groups by throwing objects. The Brigade, in keeping with the celebratory mood of the match, refused to take the bait, and instead sang more loudly for their club. When the match hit the 90th minute, the Montreal supporters - obviously disgruntled that their once-proud team was being relegated from the bottom of the table - move en masse to the north end of Stade Bartlett to confront The Brigade. The melee that followed saw the Montreal supporters take up the commemorative axes in anger in a fight that quickly spilled out of the stadium and into the parking lot. The Brigade made it their mission to protect their own, and also remove the axes from the Montreal mob.

The mob surged on to Toronto's streets and, regrettably, the axe-wielding Montreal supporters encountered the players and staff of division rival, Thornhill FC. The players, having just emerged after their match against FC, were caught completely by surprised, and 15 of them were killed before their bus could speed to safety. By the time the riot dissipated in the early morning hours of March 26th, a total 116 people lay dead in what remains the worst sporting disaster in Canadian history. Miraculously, no Bartlett United supporters died in the ruckus, but 101 visiting Montreal supporters lay dead or dying inside and around Stade Bartlett.

The repercussions from this tragic event were many. As a direct response to the loss of so many players and staff, the management of Thornhill FC immediately dissolved the club, and liquidated all of its assets. Montreal Impact would also never recover from the incident. Though they continued to exist for six more seasons, they spent most of their time in 4.Division, and were forever seen as a cursed club. Bartlett United saw a host of changes as well. Wracked with the guilt of creating Axe Day, founding President Richard Davis retired from soccer, and went into a self-imposed exile. Axelson's day of celebration haunted him, and eventually forced him to move to New Jersey where he took a job with Wenger's Arsenal. Stade Bartlett was forever closed for sporting events and lives on as a Bartlett United Museum, and memorial to the dead. Bartlett United also created The Patrick Axelson Fund for Victims of Tragedy with the proceeds going to support the families left behind in Montreal and Thornhill. Axelson donated a founding gift of $10million, and an anonymous donor - who many suspect was Richard Davis - donated $5million. The club matched the donations. Homeless, headless and rudderless, Bartlett United limped into Season 15.


In the off-season ground was broken on Bartlett United's new home. the Nouveau Estadio de Bartlett opened in time for the start of Season 15. Along with a new stadium, the club also had new management. Former Manager Mikko Nurmela was promoted to President, and he presided over the recruitment and appointment of top-flight Mexican Manager, Yonathan Uscanga. Uscanga was lured away from Mexico as FC Fevernova - his previous club - was being dissolved by FITA for alleged financial irregularities. Although he had success in Mexico and won several major trophies, Uscanga never adjusted to life with Bartlett United. His short term in the Manager's chair was characterised by numerous questionable player sales - including all-time leading scorer and Bartlett Original, Nick Lefebvre - and some dabbling in the dark arts that resulted in a Papal censure. After twenty-five matches characterised by poor performances and a table position deep in the relegation zone, Uscanga was ousted by Nurmela and returned to Mexico to head a reformed Fevernova in mexicos lower divisions.

Bartlett United Original goalkeeper Bob Weller stepped into the gap filled by Uscanga, and agreed to be a player/Manager for the final nine matches of Season 15. Weller was unable to undo the damage done by Uscanga, and La Famillia was relegated back to FITA's Canadian 3.Division, group 3. Former player, Reserve Manager and Manager Mikko Nurmela resigned his post as Club President at the end of Season 15, and was replaced by former United goalkeeper Bohdan Kramal. Season 16 saw United continue to struggle. Weller scoured the international transferlist to bolster his roster, but did not have much success. Though he made several player purchases including current starting goalkeepr Mike Mccreath, Weller was unable to fill the scoring gap left by Lefebvre. His major purchase - elite Danish striker Emil "Tist" Busk - was a complete flop scoring just twice in his twelve appearances. Both he and Bob Weller were gone by the end of Season 16. Weller replaced by Reserve Manager and former scout Garry Milne, and Busk was sent back to Denmark. Milne brought in Nazzareno "Gila" Giacomelli on a record transfer fee from Italian lower division club, Real Sorgenti. Neither change was enough, and although United gave up only 1.12 goals per match over the season, their 0.97 goals for average ensured the ignominy of a second straight relegation.

A Return to Glory: The Mauwers YearsEdit

As Bartlett United prepared to start Season 17 - embarrassingly in the same division as their reserve squad - fans, media and investors alike all demanded widespread change in the organisation. This change came on the final day of Season 16 when the Board of Directors terminated the contracts of President Bohdan Kramal, and Manager Garry Milne. United was also dropped by their sponsor ChampionCard.

The Board held an extensive executive search and found a candidate for President that solved two problems. Luc Mauwers had been one of Emea Canada's most successful presidents before his retirement from the furniture business, but had always dreamed of working in sport. He was approached by La Famillia's Board, and quickly agreed to become the new President of Bartlett United on the condition that he convince his former employer to join him as United's main sponsor. He did, and Emea and Bartlett United's partnership began. His second act was to hire Sean Boylan as Manager. Boylan had a lot of success, guiding Royal Meath to four trophies and Ireland's 2.Division before that club was dissolved. Boylan quickly set to work on the transfer market, selling five United players including Giacomelli, and adding twelve new faces to the roster. This new-look Bartlett United included many who are still instrumental to the club incuding Humberto Morales, Mike Thomason, and Charles Delaney.

United cruised to an easy victory in 4.Division, group 11, setting franchise records for wins, points, goals, and defense, and individual records for scoring and FITA rating. This was their first trophy since Season 10, and sent a message that the club was back. Season 18 saw another trophy as United narrowly missed promotion by coming in third place in 3.Division, group 4. Season 18 also saw the long-awaited establishment of United's Hall of Heroes at the North End of Nouveau Estadio. After another season of roster shakeups and high-flying performances, Boylan's club registered a disapointing fourth-place finish. Season 20 saw some controversy with United joining Davis Broadcasting in a lawsuit against FITA, and a disease outbreak threatening the club and its players. Fortunately for United, Season 20 also saw United finishing second, and promoting back to 2.Division, group 2, while also winning their first ever friendly cup by dominating the N.Egyptian Cup.

Season 21 kicked off on August 18th, 2010 against recently relegated High Park 1813. The season began disastrously with United winning only one of the first twelve matches. Boylan made some adjustments, bringing in all-star Belgian keeper David Dehooge and former Japanese National Team midfielder Keizo Miura to shore up his defense. The club fought valiantly against tough opposition, but still ended up being relegated back to 3.Division after an injury time penalty kick in the final match of the season caused them to drop the two points that would have ensured safety. In his end of season statement, Luc Mauwers expressed "pride" in his team's work ethic and achievements.

Season 22 began at home with a commanding 4-0 victory against FC CALGARY on November 10, 2010 as Bartlett United sent a message about their intentions of winning another chance in Canada's 2.Division. The club's newest off-season signing Mert Šljivić scored a hat-trick in what has been called the greatest debut in club history. Boylan also overhauled the roster as the season began, selling longtime keeper Mike Mccreath and Season 21 hero Keizo Miura as well as several youth prospects. The club also parted ways with scoring phenom Humberto Morales, as he abandoned the side after only three matches of Season 22 to ply his trade in Saudi Arabia. By mid-season, United found themselves near the top of the table in a tight title race with Charlton Maple Leaf Athletic . La Familia assured promotion back to 2.Division with a dominating 2-0 victory over Larousse. Fc in the thirty-first match of the season. In their final home match of Season 22, United secured their third league title in franchise history with a scoreless draw against Whitecaps FC. The club ended the season with a mere sixteen goals against for a goals against average of 0.47 - a franchise record.

Back in 2.DivisionEdit

Season 23 began on February 2, 2011 with United extending their unbeaten streak to eighteen with a draw against BURLINGTON VILLA, and wins against RedPatch FC, TFC Maple, and Charlton Maple Leaf Athletic before a loss to Rockstar FC. The first nine league matches saw United beset with a rash of injuries to its Starting XI, but the club still managed to lose only one of those matches. United stayed in or near the top five in their group, and was sitting in fourth at the halfway point with only three losses. Their early pace proved difficult to maintain as the club's strikers had difficulty scoring on the difficult 2.Division goalkeepers. Despite excellent goalkeeping by repeat club MVP David Dehooge, United dropped in the standings, and was near the relegation line with a few weeks remaining in the season.

After thirty-one matches played in Season 23, however, United's forty-seven points guaranteed that they would not be relegated, and that they would remain in 2.Division, group 2 for Season 24. Although fielding a badly depleted line-up due to injuries and suspensions, La Familia closed Season 23 on April 20th with a win against third-place Montcalm United FC. That made their final season tally fifty-one points, which was good enough for a ninth-place finish. Season 23 saw United win their second-ever friendly league trophy with a perfect three out of three wins in their group of the Canada-USA Challenge. Despite United's performance, Canada ended up losing the overall competition.

In the off-season between Seasons 23 and 24, the Board of Bartlett United initiated some cost-cutting measures in an attempt to counteract the perilous financial situation. Several players were rumoured to be on the transferlist, and the club eliminated the Assistant Manager position at their reserve club. Former Assistant William Pettit took over the reins at Bloorcourt City AFC, and former reserve Manager David Bethune stepped in to become Asistant Manager of the senior side, taking over for Eren Kiraç - his former teammate. Kiraç resigned his post in order return to his native Turkey to enter local politics.

Season 24 began with continued financial difficulty for the club. Boylan was forced by the Board to sell off some players including all-star keeper David Dehooge, winger Jozef Fara, and bright prospect Jim Fast. The club lost six of its first seven matches of the season, scored only a single goal, and didn't climb from the bottom of the table until they moved into sixteenth place by earning their third win on matchday thirteen. United broke the top twelve several matches later and went on a five-match undefated run, climbing as high as tenth. They crested at eighth place after round thirty-one when they secured their place in 2.2 for Season 25. Along with the eighth-place league finish and All-Canadian Cup - in which United had their best showing since their semi-final appearance in Season 10 - United also competed in a friendly cup created by Dutch 3.Division's Buitenveldert. United was undefeated in the international tournament, but finished second behind the hosts. United's strong recovery in Season 24 meant that Manager Sean Boylan was given his first-ever nomination to become the Canadian National Team Coach. Boylan accepted the nomination to oust current national team coach Garry Kasparov of FC Phoenix Heraclius, but later threw his support behind the incumbent, and finished second while Kasparov retained his post.

Season 25 began on July 20th, 2011 with a 3-1 win over C.D. Los Millonarios. The season began with the sale of five youth players, and the signing of Canadian youth prospect Rob Flyer and elite Slovakian goalkeeper, Martin Hammel. On the first day of August, United won their first-ever Vincent Memorial Cup with a dominant 2-0 win over Columbian club Real Nacional F.C. Season 25 also saw the replacement of youth prospect Bobby "Sixty-Six" Moore with 28 year-old Jeff Stokes at right back. Stokes was then selected for the Canadian national team, and made his debut in a 2-0 World Cup Qualifier win over the Dominican Republic. After a rollercoaster season that saw the club climb as high as fifth and as low as fifteenth place, they finished in eighth with forty-eight points - their lowest total since their relegation after Season 21.

After several seasons with massive roster changes, Manager Sean Boylan vowed that Season 26 - the club's twentieth - would be one of stability for the club. He was faced with early troubles, however, as a combination of unreliable goalkeeping and a rash of injuries gave his club a mere ten points after fourteen matches, and placed them deep into the relegtion zone. As a means to add resources to try and regain success, the club absorbed local semi-pro side the Salem Sorcerers and renamed the unified club Bartlett-Salem United. Salem's Manager, Jonathan Corwin, became an assistant manager for the new, merged club. Boylan also acquired Salem goalkeeper Ernesto Tiberi who had fallen out of favour with Slovakian Super Liga side FC Ladice and ended up clubless in Canada and training with the Sorcerers. As a result of that acquisition, Boylan sent thirty year-old Greek goalkeeper and then-captain Gogos Tzanetis to the Italian 6.Division's NuovaCatanzaro. After a slight improvement in the second half of the season, La Familia finished in ninth place with forty points.

United began Season 27, their twenty-first, with a Botswana Cup friendly league home win over a Belgian 2.Division side that guaranteed them the overall victory in the tournament - their fifth friendly league win, and their eleventh overall trophy. They followed that up the next night with an away win in Alberta against newly promoted Airdrie Dinamo.

A Change at the TopEdit

After a friendly match against League of Ireland Premier Division side Le Sharks in early January, 2012, BSU's Irish-born Manager Sean Boylan elected not to return to Canada. He, instead, opted to try and resurrect his management career in the Irish leagues, and walked out on his contract in Canada. He finished his Canadian career with just over ten seasons at United's helm, and remains the winningest Manager in club history. United's Mauwers initiated an unorthodox solution to his management gap by creating a six match showdown between his two assistant managers. David Bethune and Jonathan Corwin each managed three league matches and the winner would become the new Manager. After six difficult matches that saw United lose four and fall to tenth place, Mauwers extended the competition for two more matches. After a lacklustre overall performance by both assistants, Mauwers surprised BSU's fans by announcing the appointment of Stevie Keir, whose club - long-time American powerhouse Houston 1836 - was folding. Keir's first match behind the bench was a draw on January 29. He quickly made some major roster changes that included the sale of former Canadian International Jeff Stokes, all-time Man of the Match leader Cristian Cocis, and the purchase of Paraguyan striker Adriano Cabrera and Danish defender Jakob Christiansen. The club's season-ending 2-1 win over longtime rival and promotion candidate Star Alliance FC gave them forty-three points, and their third eighth-place finish in the five seasons since their return to 2.2.

Season 28 began on March 27 with a friendly win against Major League TM side Mangria FC - making BSU the runners-up in the Star Alliance Cup I. The first half of the season saw United spending their time in the bottom half of the table, and also saw high profile personnel changes at left back and goalkeeper. It also saw a team with eight of the first seventeen matches ending in draws. At the midway point in the season, BSU sat in tenth with twenty-three points.

United climbed to the middle of the table in the second half of the season, and they secured their berth in 2.2 for Season 29 after the thirtieth match of the season - a 2-0 win over one of the group's top sides, Saskatchewan United. BSU eventually finished in sixth place with sixty-five points - their highest ever points total in 2.Division. La Familia also had non-league success in Season 28, having their best All-Canadian Cup run since Season 10, and taking home their twelfth trophy by going undefeated in the second edition of the Star Alliance Cup. The last four weeks of the season also saw United's roster changing substantially with nine youth players and veteran wingers Frank Straka and Jamie Honeyman leaving the club, while four youth players, winger José Rielo, and veteran Romanian defender Petru Herea came to Toronto. Honeyman left the club as the all-time assist leader, and only one of two players to play more than 300 matches for the club. According to Manager Stevie Keir, these transfers were an effort to customise his roster for his favoured 3-5-2 formation, while helping his players "play where they like to play."

Season 29 began on June 21, 2012. After a slow start, the club climbed to sixth place with seventeen points after ten matches. The ninth match of the season also saw club superstar Swedish striker Johnny Sogell make his final appearance for United. in 149 matches, Sogell set all-time single-season goals and points records for the club, and won ten individual club awards, a number only equaled by Bartlett Original Nick Lefebvre. Sogell scored three goals in eight matches for United this season, and finished the season with SteigerCrew FC in the Dutch Eredivisie. After elimination from the promotion race in matchweek thirty, Manager Keir played experimental lineups, and the club finished in eighth place.

Season 30 began on September 12, 2012 with a 1-0 win over Corktown Cronies. The match eatured the final appearance of longtime striker Charles Delaney, who surprisingly agreed to the terms of a transfer to the Georgian sixth division, and announced that he would retire after Season 30. Delaney played 284 matches in seventeen seasons with United, and sits in fourth on the club's all-time appearance list. Delaney's replacement is Chris Munro, a youth product from BSU's academy, and Munro, Adriano Cabrero, and Frank Bruer stepped up to lead the attack alongside midfielders Paul Doherty and Mike Christopher. Despite a disastrous early-round exit in the All-Canadian Cup, the club's Manager was satisfied with an eventual fifth-place finish, equaling the best finish ever for the club. 

Bethune Takes OverEdit

Season 31 began on December 5, 2012 with a home loss against newly promoted Villa Spiritwood that would prove to be indicative of a tumultuous start filled with transfer activity and poor results.The club sold their second-most capped player and Season 30 MVP Chris Lauck, top prospect Jeff Patton, and several young prospects, and brought in young Canadian striker Michael Tuplin. After the club's tenth match, and the fourth straight where they failed to score, President Luc Mauwers terminated the contracts of Manager Stevie Keir and Assistant Manager Jonathan Corwin. In his press conference, he suggested that the redrawing of the league structure had laid out a "best case scenario" for promotion, and Keir "failed to get the best out of a quality line-up". The club's other Assistant Manager and former playing great David Bethune was elevated into the Manager's seat, and he promptly hired all-time assist leader Jamie "Buzz" Honeyman to be his assistant. He immediately purchased Danish defensive midfield winger Hartvig Kolbye to play the position that Bethune and Honeyman both played at United, and sold current starter Jose Rielo on the transfer market. The club then strung up a six-game winning streak that took the club to fourth place by mid-season. That winning streak expanded into a twenty match league unbeaten streak that saw them peak at the top of the table after thirty matches, and after twenty-three unbeaten matches, United clinched promotion to the Major League for the first time with a 2-0 win over kokko. Topping their league success, Season 31 also saw individual player success as Adriano Cabrero won the 2.2 Golden Boot, and youth goalkeeper William Macleay became the first homegrown United player to be named to the Canadian national team, making his debut as a substitute in a Friendly against Argentina in February 2013.

Major LeagueEdit

Bartlett-Salem United's first season in Canada's Major league began on February 27 with a home loss against longtime rival FC United of Guelph. They got their first Major League win in the seventh game, a 3-0 away test against Mangria FC that moved them into thirteenth place with six points. They hit the season's halfway point still in thirteenth after two straight 1-0 losses that dropped them from tenth. They finished the season in fourteenth with a club record low thirty goals scored. Manager Bethune was quick to commend his strikers, while also suggesting that he knew they would have trouble in the ML, but that finances put him in the position of having to play them. The club narrowly avoided automatic relegation, and entered the relegation playoffs on May 14, 2013. Despite defeating longtime rival High Park 1813 in the first round, La Familia lost narrowly to Merasheen Rovers FC in the second, and were relegated to Group 1 of the Canadian Soccer League for Season 33.

A Return to the CSLEdit

Season 33 began on May 22 with a match against newly promoted Habitant FC. La Familia went eight games undefeated to start the season with veteran Mike Christopher leading the way while becoming the all-time club appearance leader with 379 league and cup appearances. At the halfway point, however, with United sitting in second-place behind long-time rival High Park 1813 and financial trouble looming, the club sold Christopher to a Bangladeshi 2.Division club R. They also saw the retirement of long-time goalkeeper and frequent Best Defender award-winner Martin Hammel. Hammel has been relegated to the second-strong behind Canadian national Team member William Macleay, and his spot was taken on the bench by twenty-five-year-old Patrick Carey who was repatriated from Macedonia using some of the funds from the Christopher transfer. Hammel's final match for the club was a home testimonal against English 3.divison side, lisburn boot boys. United won that match 6-0, and Hammel walked off the pitch a winner for the final time. After a strong seaspn, the club saw a late scoring slump, and could only manage a fourth place finish. They were knocked out of the promotion playoff by longtime rival Northage City FC.

The club began Season 34 with high hopes, but a slow start proved that the club was finding it difficult after the transfer of veteran defender Atiba Beales. Striker Paul Minson struggled to score and Bethune's 4-5-1 formation lost the magic it has found in Season 33 so struggled near the bottom of the division throughout the first half. Towards the midway point in the season, the gaffer gave newcomer American striker Nelson Schwartzer a bigger role, and switched to using primarily a 4-4-2 setup pairing Schwartzer with veteran Chris Munro. After losing the first match after the midseason break, the club finished with sixteen straight undefeated matches, and narrowly missed placing with a second straight fourth place finish. Also for the second straight year, they were knocked out of the promotion playoffs in the first round by a major League team, in this case, Ultima Football.

After transferring out veteran winger Stephen Hook in a cost-saving measure, Season 35 started on November 6, 2013 against newly-promoted Guelph Grey Wolves with the first of three shutouts in a four-match winning streak. That streak stretched into a fifteen match unbeaten streak where keeper William Macleay only allowed a league-leading six goals. During the course of this streak, Macleay was invited to the Canadian National Team camp where we started in three friendlies, winning all three, earning him his first start in a full CMNT match. Macleay made six stops in that match, a 3-0 win of Uruguay in the Cup of America qualifiers. Macleay was the go-to keeper for Canada's qualifiers, going unbeaten, only allowing a single goal as Canada won the group. United sat in third place at the midseason point, and in fourth after matchweek twenty-five. the club also went deep in the All-Canadian Cup, finally losing to Aries FC in the quarter-finals. With a win in matchweek thirty-three, paired with a single point for third-place Starzz, United took third place by a point.

On January 29, 2014, with no significant roster changes, Season 36 began with a 2-1 win over longtime rivals High Park 1813. The club was in second place after twelve matches, with only two losses, and finished the first half of the season in second place behind Canada FC, allowing a league-low fifteen goals. On the nineteenth match of the season, center midfielder Paul Doherty played his 389th league or All-Canadian Cup match for the club, setting the all-time appearance record for La Familia. After a tough second half of the season, and with two matches remaining, first-place and instant promotion has dropped out of sight, but United was sitting in third in a fight for the promotion playoffs, but was preparing for their first All-Canadian Cup semi-final since Season 10. In matchweek thirty-three, United secured third place with a 3-0 win over Canada FC, and lost their All-Canadian Cup semi-final 1-0 in overtime to FC Phoenix Heraclius. United faced long-time rivals High Park 1813 in the first round of the promotion play-off, and Manager David Bethune shook up his lineup in preparation. His tactics worked, and the club cruised to a 2-0 victory with goals from Frank Bruer and Paul Minson. They capped a successful season and confirmed their second promotion to Major League TM on April 20, 2014 with a 1-0 win over Tonawanda Titans in the promotion final.

Major League, Take TwoEdit

After transferring out two veteran defenders - Gregor Nardelli and Miku Kull - in the offseason, United began their second Major League season with three matches against fellow clubs who had been newly promoted. Bethune's tactics paid off as fa familia took home three straight wins to start the season, and after ten matches sat in seventh place with five wins, four losses, and a draw. The club was facing trouble scoring goals, so David Bethune entered the market for a veteran striker, and eventually signed Kuwaiti-born Mabrouk Al Biski [1]. Al Biksi had a difficult reputation in the Polish leagues, but Bethune was confident that with a top level stage the player would perform. At the halfway point, the club sat in twelfth place in a crowded table, and in ninth with four matches to go. After a brush with the top eight, United settled for a tenth place finish, and a guaranteed return to ML for another season.

Season 38 began with club appearance leader Paul Doherty announcing that the season would be his last. He's the first in what is seen as a core group of players that Bethune will be tasked with the difficult task of replacing. The second, Jason Reeve was sold shortly after to longtime rival FC United of Guelph. La Familia played two uninspired draws to start the season, and was in twelfth after five matches. The club continued to suffer a goal drought, and found themselves in seventeenth place with just one win after eleven matches. Then, back-to-back wins against top competition, including their first win against ACE FC in sixteen attempts, started a run that brought them to thirteenth at the halfway point. The club's All-Canadian Cup run began in Round 2 with a narrow win in penalties again CSL2's Polish Victoria. The winner, on the sixth kick, was taken by relative newcomer, Giorgi Matabeli, the Georgian winger. Matabeli also featured in the club's fifth round Cup elimination, when his straight red card in the fifth minute sunk his club, who eventually fell 3-1 to longtime rival FC United of Guelph. The club had trouble scoring, and found themselves in the bottom third of the table for much of the season. With one match to go, sitting in twelfth and a sure playoff match ahead of then, La Familia rested their starters, and played a full reserve squad in the final match against last-place Sainte Foy. They lost badly and finished in thirteenth, but traveling fans saw the potential in their future stars. Just prior to their eventual loss in the relegation playoff match against Beaches Rovers, David Bethune transferred team captain and stalwart winger Hartvig Kolbye to Portugal's Vampyria. The trio of aging stars who left this season - Doherty, Kolbye, and winger Jason Reeve - combined to play an astonishing 1063 matches for the club.

Back to 2.2Edit

With a youth movement underway, and a rebuild in progress, not even all-star keeper William Macleay could keep la famila in the Major League, and they were relegated to the Canadian Soccer League's second division. The club faithful were not as upset as pundits feared though, because the club ended up in 2.2, where they have spent sixteen previous seasons, the most in their history. their first match was a dominant 4-0 victory over Factal F.C. with winger Mabrouk al Biski notching a hat trick. The club went five matches without allowing a goal, until allowing one in a draw with Northage City FC. Their first loss came in matchweek nine. By midseason, however, depth and inexperience were hurting the squad and United had slipped out of the top six. A few formation tweaks, and a hot streak by striker Mabrouk al Biski put them back in the hunt for hardware, but in the end, a lack of goals hurt them, and two goalless draws to finish the seasn left them in fifth, and out of the promotion hunt. Their first All-Canadian Cup match came on December 1 where are a squad made up mostly of reserves stunned Major league side Glenmore United at home, eventually winning 11-10 in a wild eleven-kick shootout. They were eventually knocked out in a close 1-0 match in their third Cup match by another Major League Side, Queens Park Rangers FC.

Season 40 started with a major decision by David Bethune. After more than 300 matches, homegrown National Team starting keeper William Macleay was sold to the Romanian top league for a record $720million. WIthout a replacement keeper, Bethune advised fans that the year would be a rebuilding year. With the cash bought a top-level striker and a keeper prospect from Cypriot club, KISSO-NEGRA as well as winger Carl Stephanson from division rival Beaches FC. The keeper gap showed as United lost the next match 1-0, but then brought in aging Israeli keeper Navid Altman who, though inconsistent, helped save a few matches as the club's offence picked up with the new acquisitions. With Karipis and Stephanson leading the new offence, la Familia prevailed in several high-scoring matches, and went into the midseason break sitting in fourth place. After a good late run, and a league MVP season from Stephanson, Bartlett-Salem United ended the season in second place, and headed into the Major League playoffs, where they were quickly eliminated by Factal F.C. At the season's close and with an assist in the final match of the season, veteran midfielder Frank Bruer retired from the club. He left as the second-most capped player in club history, and still holds the career points record for the club with 176.

Season 41 began on March 24, 2015 with a rematch of Season 40's playoff match against Factal F.C. Though the Bartlett Boot battle between Carl Stephenson and Ioakim Karipis captivated much of the West Toronto sports media, the big story of this season was goalkeeping. Israeli veteran Ravid Altman began the season in the number one spot while Manager David Bethune groomed youth prospect Kyriakos Tsolakidis to take over. That switch happened around the midway point of the season, and resulted in a rocky second half as Tsolakidis adjusted to a higher level of play. The club bounced around the top third of table in a very tight division, and ended up finishing in sixth. The other story was the stellar play of the club's youth side, Bloorcourt City FC, who finished in second place in their league, 4.1 and were promoted to 3.16.

Season 42 - the club's thirty-sixth in professional football, began on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 with a commanding 6-0 away victory in Colombo, Sri Lanka against on overmatched, newly-promoted Lion hearts United. After nine matches, the club was sitting at mid-table, and Bethune challenged his players to do better. With new midfield signing Alex Rolston in place, they took up that challenge, and won three straight matches rising to fifth place before eventually falling to seventh at the midway point of the season. Led by a multiple record-breaking league MVP season by winger Carl Stephenson, United had a solid run into the fifth round of the cup, and made a play for the top four of the league. In the end, season-ending injuries to three United starters—Marc Dick, John Alway, Peter Lowrie—left United struggling in the final quarter of the season. They finished with a 5-2 victory against promotion-candidate Sweaty Sox, and ended up in sixth place.

Season 43 began on September 9, 2015 with David Bethune testing new South Korean striker acquisition Jin-Gui Cho. The test was a success at Jin-Gui was the Man of the Match with a goal and an assist in a 4-0 drubbing taking United to the top the top of the table after the first week, followed by a bad spell that saw the club at tenth place after six matches. With some lineup juggling, and another MVP-calibre season by Carl Stephanson, however, the club bounced back, and sat in sixth after fourteen matches. The club picked things up in the second half with Carl Stephanson breaking his club record for points with fifty-one, including two goals and in assist in the final league match, vaulting the club into fourth place and the promotion playoffs. They lost their playoff match to Pure Beaver, and will spend season 44 in 2.2 again.

Season 44 began in early December 2015 with longtime defender Frank Lawson announcing his retirement. The club also began the season without Cypriot striker Ioakim Karipis who was transferred to his home country's second division club, Armenokhori I.K. United's twenty-three year-old South Korean striker Jin-Giu became the go-to option with youth prospect Paul Dorey in support. The campaign began with the club marching to the top of the table, and then holding the top three through seventeen undefeated matches to start the season. Toronto Flankers also spent the first half undefeated, and sat two points clear atop the table at the halfway point of the season. During the midseason break, as part of a cost-saving measure, United sold longtime defender Selçuk Turan to a club in the Panamanian top flight. The club took its first loss of the season in matchweek twenty, falling 5-0 to Armageddon after a woeful performance by the defenders and keeper, and then in matchweek twenty-one to Beaches Rovers. Following that match, defender Frank Lawson called a surprise press conference and announced his retirement after 409 matches with the club. United picked up a few losses with their new rejigged defence, including a second-round All-Canadian Cup exit. After matchweek twenty-six found themselves tied for second place, three points behind Toronto Flankers. Injuries and fatigue weighed on the club's defence in the homestretch of the season, and with only two our of a possible nine points against the bottom of the table to close out the last three matches, United finished in a very disappointing fourth place. The club lost in added time of the playoff final to rivals Toronto Flankers, and will enter Season 45 in 2.2 again.

The club began Season 45 on February 24 with the announcement that perennial MVP Carl Stephanson would be retiring at the end of the season. Fan tributes began flooding the club house, and the club dedicated the opening match of the season to Stephanson. Nouveau Estadio was completely sold out to watch their club pummel Factal F.C. 4-1 with Stephanson getting a goal and youth phenom Paul Dorey netting a hat trick. After ten matches, the club sat in a tight race between second and fifth place, but suffered from a goal-scoring drought and a series of injuries that saw the club slip to sixth place after thirteen matches. At the halfway point, the club was in fifth place with an eye on second, but frontrunner North Shore Reds had a six point hold on the top spot. La Familia faced a very difficult draw in the All-Canadian Cup, and after knocking out Major League club Parkbridge and division-mates Bathurst Heights, the fell badly to PAOK FC in the fourth round. The club was in third place batting with North York United FC for the spot with four matches to go, when the two teams met in North York and the home side prevailed, setting up a tough task to finish in the top three. The club followed that loss with a crucial loss against Armageddon that doomed them to fifth place overall, and a disappointing end to the career of the club's best-ever player, Carl Stephanson.

The club began Season 46 with a commanding 4-1 win over Woodbine FC, a former rival who they hadn't faced in more than twenty seasons, and shortly after the match, Manager David Bethune added some defensive depth by acquiring Scottish fullback Scott Robertson from Scottish Premier League club AMY 10. That addition didn't help the club avoid two straight losses as they adjusted to the absence of retired winger Carl Stephanson. As the season progressed, Jin-Gui Cho scored twenty-eight goals, and Paul Dorey notching thirty, leading the club into Round of 16 of the Cup, and a nine-match winning streak that propelled them to a second place finish in the league with a club record seventy-eight points. The defeated high-scoring Lokomotiv Sven is the playoff semi-final, and then lost the playoff final 3-2 in extra time to Arrakis FC.

Season 47 began with a win, and then several losses as red cards and injuries tested the club's depth, and Manager David Bethune adjusted to the loss of stalwart fullback John Alway. After twenty matches, the club sat in sixth, several wins short of the top three, so David Bethune shifted back to a 4-5-1 formation with red-hot striker Jin-Gui Cho at the top, and Bartlett Boot holder Paul Dorey coming off of the bench. The club finished in second place, beat Hamilton Hotspur F.C. in the playoff semi-final, and then lost the playoff final to Glenmore United in a close match.

Season 48 began with Bethune setting his team up in a 5-3-2 despite its lack of success the previous season. He was rewarded with seven goals in a shutout victory at Banff FC, with braces by Paul Dorey, Jin-Gui Cho, and Oliver Kirkwood. They kept the momentum going, and were undefeated at the top of the table with six wins after seven matches, outscoring the entire division and averaging almost four goals per match. The club stayed undefeated in first place until losing their first match in week fifteen and falling to second behind Mack Attack. Those two clubs set a blistering pace, opening up a thirteen point lead on third place after matchweek twenty-seven, with Mack Attack leading by four points with sixty-nine and the two set to meet in an all-important match the following week. Mack Attack won that match, securing an inevitable first place finish, and despite a late-season slide, Bartlett-Salem United finished in second. The club lost to Arrakis FC in the playoffs, but took solace in Jin-Gui Cho's first Canadian league scoring title. Meanwhile, the club's second team, Bloorcourt City AFC finished in third in Canadian 3.4 for the second straight year.

Season 49 began with a 1-1 draw against newly relegated Woodbine FC, and some early disappointing results before David Bethune tweaked the formation to a 4-5-1, sending them into first after fourteen rounds, three points in front of FC DSBH Kelevra and Dockers FC. Striker Paul Dorey and midfielder Marc Gilroy shared the lead in the Golden Boot race for the division with ten goals each after those fourteen matches. A few tough games saw the club slip to second place after twenty matches, four points back of Summerland CDF, where they stayed for the rest of the season, finishing with their fourth straight second place finish. Season 49 also saw a second piece of hardware as the club made it to the All-Canadian Cup final for the first time in their history, where they faced FC Phoenix Heraclius. David Bethune surprised everyone by playing backup goalkeeper Eddy Bowey, and the game finished in a 0-0 draw until the Watchmen won in a shootout. Despite the loss, Bowey won the Man of the Match Award, his career highlight. La Familia redeemed themselves and won promotion in their second shootout in a week by winning the playoff final against Manitoba's Tobans IFC, and the club's third promotion to the Major League.

Season 50

TM's historic fiftieth season started on April 19th with Bartlett-Salem United sending a message to the Major League with a table-topping 5-0 thrashing of Starzz in a howling west Toronto blizzard in the first match of the season. They lost their next four matches against perennial champions Pure Beaver, ML stalwart Westroyal, and sank towards the bottom of the table. After nine matches, the club redeemed themselves with a few wins, and rose to twelfth place in the league, while also starting their first ever international campaign in the FATA Copa America with a qualification round win over Colombian side, F.C Sporting Club Gloucester that booked their place in the group stage. They did not fare well in that tournament, and were eliminated in the group stage winning only one of their six matches. Realising that United were giving up too many goals, Bethune took drastic measures and used his allowable funds to bring in twenty-six year old Vietnamese keeper Tru Thanh. Fans were divided as they saw longtime keeper Tsolakidis relegated to the bench, but some early good results against close rivals gave Bethune a reason for optimism. As the season wore on, injuries and suspensions took their toll, veteran Nick Schroeder took a nasty season-ending injury, and Bethune was forced to prioritise league results over the All-Canadian Cup. The club was bounced in the third round of the Cup, but after matchweek twenty-nine, sat in twelfth, just two points shy of safety from relegation. After a series of draws, the club finished the season in twelfth, and entered the relegation playoffs, where they narrowly won the first match, but then lost the final to Dalkeith FC in overtime, securing relegation back to the Canadian Soccer League.

Season 51 began with Bartlett-Salem United playing in Division 2.3 for the first time in their history. The club's offence started slowly, as the club couldn't find the back of the net in the first three matches, but then David Bethune switched to a two-striker formation, and posted three straight five-goal outings to see the club in fifth place on eleven points after six matches. As a cost-saving measure, the club sold aging star striker Jin-Gui Cho, and reserve striker Jamie Wipf stepped in as a staple in the starting eleven. At the midway point in the season, the club was in a three-way battle for first with Midhurst FC and Random FC, but with a few losses by La Familia and Random, Midhurst pulled away, and after twenty-three matches, sat seven points clear. United started strong in the All-Canadian Cup with an easy defeat of Pure Beaver's reserve team in the second round, and then a club record-breaking demolition of Phoenix Lite. La Familia won 22-1, with both Marc Gilroy and Jason Wipf tying Nelson Schwartzer's fifteen season old single game goal record, and Wipf adding three assists to set a new points record with eleven in a single game. The club lost narrowly to Woodington FC in the fourth round, and turned their focus back to the league. The club's torrid goal-scoring pace kept up in the league, and in matchweek 30, they broke the all-time scoring record with a 6-2 win over North Shore Reds that gave the club 101 goals scored. This was the first time the club broke 100, and with four matches left, the Season 43 record of ninety-eight lay in tatters. With that win, the club maintained its second-place spot against the similarly hot Midhurt FC, who remained two points ahead at the top on seventy-two points. In the final matchweek, with leading striker Paul Dorey injured, BSU needed a win and a Midhurst loss to take the league title and win automatic promotion. They extended their win streak to eleven and their unbeaten streak to fifteen with a 3-2 road victory over PAOK FC that took them to a club record eighty-two points and 116 goals scored, but Midhurst also won to finish at the top with eighty-four points. La Familia easily beat Random FC in the promotion semi-final, but them lost to Armageddon in the final to miss out on another season of Major League play.

The club began Season 52 deeply in debt and needing to make serious cuts to its roster, staff, and facilities. In an effort to get back in the black, the folded their reserve team, sold veteran DMC Alex Rolston to division rival FC Random, and waived or sold some youth prospects. The club started slow with two wins and two losses in the first four while the club adjusted to the new financial realities. The season continued to disappoint with the club losing winnable matches and sitting at sixth spot at the midway point of the season. Under threat for his job, Manager David Bethune adjusted his formation, and turned towards younger players into the second half of the season. The club responded with a five-game winning streak that moved them into third place with ten matches left to play. Bethune's tweaking was not enough however, as the fire-sale of players and the closing of the reserve squad created a gulf between management and the players that saw the team drop some easy matches in the home stretch, eventually finishing in sixth, their worst finish in ten seasons. As the season closed, Bethune found his management career in jeopardy.

Season 53 began with a draw and a loss that resulted in both manager David Bethune and assistant manager Jamie Honeyman ending a twenty-two season reign and simultaneously resigning their posts. According to a joint official statement from Bethune and Honeyman, the financial conditions at the club prevented them from "continuing their successful ways" and they were left "with no choice but to resign." The club responded by naming longtime defender Nick Schroeder as interim manager. Schroeder's role on the pitch with the club has diminished in the past two seasons, so many pundits assume his retirement from playing will come soon. As Manager, Schroeder fared well and turned the club's fortune around, sending them from the bottom of the table to third place by the halfway point in the season, while still contributing as a late substitute in many matches. After a second round Cup loss, the club's fortunes slid, and had interim manager Nick Schroeder fighting for a promotion spot with four matches left to play. The club ended up in fifth due to goals scored, and missed the promotion playoffs for the second straight year. Defender/Interim Manager Nick Schroeder resigned the Manager portion of his player/manager arrangement, and at a pre-season press conference, BSU announced that founding Manager Leo Patrick would be coming out of retirement to manage again for the first time in 42 seasons. La Familia's supporters' groups, who attended the event in force, were surprised and delighted.

Season 54 began with Patrick setting the club in a 5-4-1, and taking a 2-2 draw away to Little Black Stars. He continued to surprise United's supporters by quickly transferring 32-year-old Schroeder to ΔΩΤΙΕΑΣ F.C in the Greek third division. In his 311 matches for fifteen seasons for United, Schroeder became a mainstay of the backline. Patrick also transferred our winger Thomas Carmichael, who is number three on the all-time appearance list for United with 417 matches played. these two moves sent a clear signal that Patrick wanted to rebuild the club, and he further recommitted the club to a youth program by reinstating Bloorcourt City AFC, the club's lower division youth club. After a strong first half of the season including several weeks at the top of the table, injuries and suspensions hurt the club, after after matchweek twenty-four, they were in third place. that same week, the All-Canadian Cup started with BSU playing a first-round match for the first time in more than twenty seasons. Their opponent, Universidad Smiths Falls, was the unfortunate recipient of the draw and suffered a humiliating 21-0 defeat with Gordon Garlough tying a club record for goals per game, and the club tying their all-time margin for largest win. La Familia's youth club also progressed to the second round against all odds, despite a season that sees them in last place in their league. The senior squad maintained their pace, and had a top three finish locked down by matchweek twenty-eight. BSU committed a garish 15-0 drubbing of Olds Athletic in matchweek thirty-three, and finished the season in third place. After defeating second-place Valois Royals F.C. with ten men in the promotion playoff semi-final, La Familia lost the promotion final in penalty kicks with Major League side Eastburn FC, and played Season 55 in CSL 2.3.

Season 55 started on June 12, 2018 with a 2-0 win against newly promoted F.C French Canadian, who BSU held shotless. The club started strong, but still found themselves in fifth after an historic week in their seventh match. They played their fortieth match against Hamilton Hotspur United F.C, and despite a 1-0 loss, midfielder Patrick Lowrie was celebrated by the club and its supporters for becoming the all-time appearance leader for the club, surpassing Paul Doherty with 480 caps. As the season wound down in matchweek thirty, the club found itself narrowly below the playoff line after losing three of four matches. Lowrie announced his retirement with two matches left to play, and the club's owners again found themselves facing questions around the development of new talent to replace its aging stars. In the final match of the season, midfielder Marc Gilroy scored a brace in a 2-0 victory that cemented a second straight third place finish in the league, and another playoff shot at the top flight. LaFamilia delighted their fans by demolishing Valois Royals 5-1 in their first playoff match, and then outplaying Armageddon FC in the playoff final, eventually winning in a shootout, and securing promotion to the top flight.

Rebuilding Edit

Leo Patrick was set with a tall order by promotion as his squad was either aging veterans or young talent. He started cycling younger players into the lineup late in Season 55 and early in Season 56, and the club found Major League talent a serious challenge as it transitioned. After a rocky start though, the lineup settled into the big-game atmosphere and went unbeaten in six straight to find themselves in fifth place with fifteen points after nine matches. The club dealt with injuries that culminated in a rare forfeit in matchweek twelve. Despite a promising middle-season form that took the club as high as sixth place, they struggled to find a winning combination in the stretch, and lost their last five matches of the season before losing in the relegation playoff, sealing their return to the Canadian Soccer League. Manager Leo Patrick was blunt about the club and said his players were "too old, too slow, and you will see changes." These changes began with the retirement of longtime striker and fan favourite Paul Dorey at the end of the season. As a respected leader, he was immediately placed in the vacant assistant manager spot with the club.

Season 57 saw United opening at home against Gladden FC, a team they handled easily in the Cup the previous season. As promised, Manager Leo Patrick shook up the lineup, with three players in the starting lineup who has previously played fewer than ten matches with the senior squad. His gambit worked as the team cruised to victory on the back of Albanian winger Besnik Vrapi's two goals and an assist in a 3-0 result. The club's fortunes dipped into inconsistency as the new lineup found its form, and languished in the middle of the table for the first third of the season. At the halfway point, the club sat in third place in a tight table, and the youth movement continued. New fullback Nick Hollingwood took over the starting spot at left back, longtime reserve keeper Arkadiusz Kapuśniak took the starting role, and the club announced the retirement of keeper Tru Thanh, and of club legend, Marc Gilroy. Gilroy immediately stepped into the vacant assistant manager role at the club. the change may have been too drastic as the squad continued to have growing pains with lack of conditioning and form plaguing the club. They bombed out in their first All-Canadian Cup match, while also losing several key players to injury or suspension. They added another big piece last in the year in Czech striker Dan Horvath, but despite his instant contribution, the club finished the season in seventh place. Supporters were unhappy to miss the opportunity to see the team compete to return to the Major League, but held a rally to support the direction of the club, the coaching team, and the youth rebuild.

Season 58 began with a dispiriting 4-2 loss to CSKA Quesnel, with BSU giving up a two-goal lead, and looking unsure of themselves. Leo Patrick moved them into a 4-5-1 for the second match, and they looked much more comfortable, beating Beaches Rovers to notch their first points in the campaign. It sunk quickly though as the club struggled on defence, and dropped into the bottom third of the table while Patrick tried experimental lineups, looking for a new look for La Familia. This begun a several season rebuild, with a seventh place finish in Season 58, and a dismal first half to Season 59, with the club hitting the midway point in eleventh, and starting keeper Arkadiusz Kapuśniak out of favour with management.

After a disappointing Season 59, Season 60 began in August 2019 with an declaration from Leo Patrick that this was the "turnaround season." The club's new Swedish keeper, Olle Antonsson, showed well at the tail end of Season 59, youth players like Daniel Sudbury and Chris White made their way into the lineup, and the bench looks as strong as the Starting XI. With a rapidly improving CSL, the club has needed to be active in the transfer market, so sold high-salaried Abdulah Zeljić, Arkadiusz Kapuśniak, Mane Kalman, and Bryan Hachley to allow them to bring in Antonsson while still having free space for more, including star youth striker, Andrea Dell'Orto, from Italy. The changes helped, and La Familia surged to hit the halfway point of the season in third place behind runaway leader undefeated Toronto B.C. and perennial Major League club Armageddon. Despite a late season slump, La Familia made an impressive All-Canadian Cup run into the Round of 32, and won matches in weeks thirty and thirty-one with last-minute strikes, setting up a slim window into the promotion playoffs from sixth place. The club took four points of the last six to finish in seventh. Defender Paul Jacques won the Most Improved Player award, and had an emotional moment with fans by announcing his retirement at the end of the season. His 478 appearances were the third most in the history of the club, just one behind Paul Doherty, and fifteen away from the all-time record. He immediately took a position as the club's first standalone reserve manager in eight years.

Season 61 saw more changes, as Leo Patrick sold newly-acquired Andrea Dell-Orto after a disappointing season 60 campaign, and replaced him with 22 year-old striker Zhou QiZhen from Chinese first division club, GHP. QiZhen slotted into the club well, and La Familia were in second place after nine matches, with Jimmy Hell and Dominik Horváth averaging more than a point a game, and QiZhen right behind them. Patrick also added Belize defender Luis Zamora in an effort to bring more youth to the squad. The club spent most of the season in the top six, with Horváth, Hell, and QiZhen providing a flurry of goals, and Horváth maintaining his point/game scoring average through twenty-seven matches. In the final match, QiZhen solidified his Bartlett Boot with a hat trick in a 3-3 draw that saw the club secure fourth place and a playoff spot, their best finish since returning to the CSL in Season 57. La Familia lost the first round playoff match to current Major league team, Fenwick FC, ensuring another year in the second flight.

Season 62 started slow, with the club languishing midtable despite only losing once in ten matches on the back of a number of draws. The club sold card-prone defender Luis Zamora, and brought in twenty-three year-old Dane Rasmus Bording to replace him on the backline. In a cruel turn, he was seriously injured in his first appearance, and would miss the next ten matches. He was joined on the sidelines by Horváth, who was also grievously injured, calling into question the medical and training staff. The club's lean bench meant that some junior players were called up to fill in. As the season progressed, Horváth returned, and lead scoring along with Vrapi and QiZhen, bringing the club to fifth place after twenty-five matches. In another blockbuster move, the club sold young star Daniel Sudbury after receiving an offer from Major League club, Orange Army. With Kevin Pigott showing himself to be capable, the club felt Sudbury was an asset worth letting go, giving them financial space to bring in Georgian attacker Nodar Endeladze, while continuing to shop for more young talent. In a strange twist, the club drew Orange Army in the Cup for third straight year, and both Sudbury and Endeladze came into the second half to different fates. After a tense, goalless draw, Sudbury's penalty was saved after extra time, and Enzeladze slotted home La Familia's fifth kick to seal the upset win for his club against the Cup holders.

Crest HistoryEdit


League ResultsEdit

Season Group W D L GF GA GD GFA GAA PTS Position
7 5.15 7 23 4 23 19 4 0.68 0.56 44 5
8 4.5 21 9 4 57 25 32 1.68 0.74 72 1
9 3.3 16 12 6 50 29 21 1.47 0.85 60 5
10 3.3 23 5 6 63 29 34 1.91 0.85 74 2
11 2.2 13 11 10 56 39 17 1.65 1.15 50 7
12 2.2 11 8 15 40 44 -4 1.18 1.29 41 11
13 2.2 17 3 14 41 44 -3 1.21 1.18 54 5
14 2.2 16 6 12 48 50 -2 1.41 1.47 54 5
15 2.2 12 7 15 40 44 -4 1.18 1.29 43 13
16 3.3 8 12 14 33 38 -4 0.97 1.12 36 14
17 4.11 23 8 3 79 19 60 2.32 0.56 77 1
18 3.4 19 7 8 48 25 23 1.41 0.74 64 3
19 3.4 17 9 8 52 33 19 1.53 0.97 60 4
20 3.4 21 6 7 59 32 27 1.74 0.94 69 2
21 2.2 8 11 15 32 45 -13 0.94 1.32 35 13
22 3.4 22 9 3 59 16 43 1.74 0.47 75 1
23 2.2 13 12 9 34 33 1 1.00 0.97 51 9
24 2.2 15 4 15 40 58 -18 1.18 1.71 49 8
25 2.2 14 6 14 52 45 7 1.53 1.32 48 8
26 2.2 11 7 16 43 56 -13 1.26 1.65 40 9
27 2.2 10 11 13 39 53 -14 1.15 1.56 43 8
28 2.2 15 11 8 60 45 15 1.76 1.32 56 6
29 2.2 15 8 11 57 46 11 1.68 1.35 53 8
30 2.2 15 7 12 61 44 17 1.79 1.29 52 5
31 2.2 21 7 6 59 25 34 1.74 0.74 70 1
32 1.1 8 7 19 30 56 -26 0.88 1.65 31 14
33 2.1 19 8 7 62 26 32 1.82 0.76 65 4
34 2.1 20 7 7 63 26 37 1.85 0.76 67 4
35 2.1 22 8 4 53 20 33 1.58 0.62 74 3
36 2.1 20 6 8 61 34 27 1.79 1.00 66 3
37 1.1 14 7 13 47 46 1 1.38 1.35 49 10
38 1.1 7 13 14 23 45 -22 0.68 1.32 34 13
39 2.2 14 12 8 46 25 21 1.35 0.74 54 5
40 2.2 22 2 10 63 48 15 1.85 1.41 68 2
41 2.2 15 10 9 61 46 15 1.79 1.35 55 6
42 2.2 20 5 9 83 51 32 2.44 1.5 65 6
43 2.2 21 6 7 98 41 57 2.88 1.21 69 4
44 2.2 18 11 5 69 33 36 2.03 0.97 65 4
45 2.2 20 6 8 70 41 29 2.06 1.21 66 5
46 2.2 25 3 6 87 37 50 2.56 1.09 78 2
47 2.2 21 3 10 78 37 41 2.29 1.09 66 2
48 2.2 23 5 6 91 32 59 2.68 0.94 74 2
49 2.2 21 7 6 78 30 48 2.29 0.88 70 2
50 1.1 8 13 13 44 62 -18 1.29 1.82 37 12
51 2.3 26 4 4 116 28 88 3.41 0.82 82 2
52 2.3 21 1 12 114 50 64 3.35 1.47 64 6
53 2.3 19 7 8 90 46 44 2.65 1.35 64 5
54 2.3 23 4 7 100 30 70 2.94 0.88 73 3
55 2.3 19 5 10 85 38 47 2.50 1.12 62 3
56 1.1 0 0 0 0 0 5 0.00 0.00 0 0
57 2.2 18 7 9 63 28 35 0.00 0.00 61 7
58 2.2 0 0 0 0 0 5 0.00 0.00 0 7
59 2.2 0 0 0 0 0 5 0.00 0.00 0 9
60 2.2 0 0 0 0 0 5 0.00 0.00 0 9
61 2.2 20 3 11 85 43 41 0.00 0.00 63 4
62 2.2

Cup ResultsEdit

Season Result
7 N/A
8 Round 2
9 Round 3
10 Semi-Final
11 Round 2
12 Round 3
13 Round 4
14 Round 5
15 Round 3
16 Round 3
17 Round 4
18 Round 6
19 Round 3
20 Round 3
21 Round 6
22 Round 5
23 Round 5
24 Round 7
25 Round 6
26 Round 3
27 Round 4
28 Round 8
29 Round 4
30 Round 3
31 Round 5
32 Round 4
33 Round 5
34 Round 3
35 Round 7
36 Semi-final
37 Round 6
38 Round 4
39 Round 4
40 Round 3
41 Round 3
42 Round 5
43 Round 4
44 Round 2
45 Round 4
46 Round 6
47 Round 5
47 Round 2
48 Round 5
49 Final
50 Round 3
51 Round 4
52 Round 4
53 Round 2
54 Round 4
55 Round 2
55 Round 1
56 Round 3
57 Round 2
58 Round 5
58 Round 3
59 Round 3
60 Round 5
61 Round 5
62 Round 5


Bartlett-Salem United's supporters are widely held to be some of Canada's most fervent, and have organised to form numerous supporters' groups. The largest and most well-known of these groups is The Brigade, although other groups such as The Bartlettes also have a high profile. The supporters' groups mainly gather in the Fawcett Stand at the north end of Nouveau Estadio de Bartlett.


Bartlett-Salem United is a club that has been near the centre of many controversial events, although the club's Board and Management rarely seem to be found to be at fault. Some of the more well-known controversies include:

The Papal Censure
The Bartlett Massacre
The Strange and Tragic Case of Charles Vincent
The Litkowski Affair
The Parade
TM Serverflu Deaths

Many of these scandals are mentioned in the club's Press Archive.

Club HonoursEdit

1st placeEdit

Season 8 - Canada 4.5 Season 17 - Canada 4.11 Season 20 - N.Egyptian Cup Season 22 - Canada 3.4 Season 23 -Canada-USA Challenge FL 3-1

Season 25 - The Vincent Memorial Cup

Season 26 - Sparing Liga

Season 27 - Botswana Cup

Season 28 - Star Alliance Cup II

Season 31: Canada 2.2

Season 35: The 8th Bartlett Challenge Cup

Season 36: The 9th Bartlett Challenge Cup

Season 36: Local QM

Season 40: Liga Internacional

Season 42: Local QM

Season 48: ~ Golden Cup ~

Season 48: Local QM

Season 49: 5th Vincent Memorial

Season 49: Local QM


Season 51: SMART LEAGUE 2

2nd placeEdit

Season 10 - Canada 3.3
Season 15 - World Club Cup group 1.07
Season 18 - Prince Arthurs Chalice
Season 19 - 2nd Bartlett Challenge Cup
Season 19 - The Vincent Memorial Cup
Season 20 - Canada 3.4
Season 23 - 4th Bartlett Challenge Cup

Season 24 - BattleStarGalaxy

Season 28 - Star Alliance Cup I

Season 29 - Baku Stars Cup

Season 29: Local QM

Season 30: Local QM

Season 31: Copa Diamante

Season 31: Craźy Ittl

Season 31: Local QM

Season 33: pease cup 8

Season 36: The 4th Vincent Memorial Cup

Season 38: Local QM

Season 39: Local QM

Season 40: Canada 2.2

Season 42: Tui Beer Bowl

Season 43: Trofej Ive Sanadera i Nadana Vidoševića

Season 44: World Cup 43

Season 45: Superpiwosz Cup

Season 46: Canada 2.2

Season 46: Local QM

Season 47: Canada 2.2

Season 47: Local QM

Season 48: Canada 2.2

Season 49: Canada 2.2

Season 49: All-Canadian Cup

Season 51: Canada 2.3

Season 52: MAN City Guardiola CUP

Season 54: Swiss Spring League

Season 55: Local QM

3rd place

Season 12 - Tim Hortons Cup II
Season 18 - Canada 3.4

Season 27 - The 5th Bartlett Challenge Cup

Season 30 - The 6th Bartlett Challenge Cup

Season 32 - Ready? Go! Edition VII

Season 35 - Canada 2.1

Season 36 - President's Choice Canada Cup 1

Season 36 - Canada 2.1

Season 37 - EMIRATE CUP

Season 38 - 14 Tournament

Season 44 - Orange Cup '44

Season 45 - Local QM

Season 46 - The 10th Bartlett Challenge Cup

Season 48 - suikoden cup 23

Season 53: Peace&Love

Season 54: Canada 2.3

Season 55: Canada 2.3

Season 58: African Champion's league

Season 59: Superpiwosz Cup

Season 60: Summer League

Season 62: Gaythoreight

Reserve Honours

Season 19 - West Bloor Halftime Tea Reserve Challenge Cup (best of 7 matches v. 1813 Reserves. final outcome 4-3)
Season 23 - The Davis Broadcasting Channel 999 Reserves Cup (best of 9 matches v. NCFC Academy. Final outcome 5-4)

Season 24 - 3rd Place - Canada 4.8

Season 41 - 2nd Place - Canada 4.

Season 47 - 3rd Place - Canada 3.4

Season 48 - 3rd Place - Canada 3.4

Individual HonoursEdit

Golden Boot: Nick Lefebvre (S.8, S.11), Gilles Mathieu (S.17), Jin-Gui Cho (S.48)
MVP: David Bethune (S.9), Michael Mouat (S.17), Carl Stephanson (S.40, S.42, S.43)
U21 MVP: Kyle Sturdee (S.18), Jack Justesen (S. 22), Frank Bruer (S. 25), Selçuk Turan(S. 38), Muhammed Khan (S.41), Nick Schroeder ( S.44)
U21 Golden Boot: Jack Justesen (S. 22), Paul Minson (S. 33)

Club recordsEdit

Attendance: 50,498 v. Black Phoenix S.C (1-2, Season 62, C), Orange Army (0-1, Season 61, C)
Biggest win: 22-1 v. Phoenix Lite (Season 51, C), 21-0 v. Universidad Smiths Falls (Season 54,C)
Goals/game: [Nelson Schwartzer] 8 v. fc zulu81 (EE) (Season 36, F), Marc Gilroy 8 v. Phoenix Lite (Season 51, C), Jason Wipf 8 v. Phoenix Lite (Season 51, C), Gordon Garlough 8 v. Universidad Smiths Falls (Season 54, C)
Points/game: Jason Wipf 11 v. Phoenix Lite (Season 51, C)
Goals/season: Carl Stephanson 32 (Season 42)
Assists/season: Carl Stephanson 24 (Season 43)
Points/season: Carl Stephanson 51 (Season 43)
MoM/Season: Carl Stephanson 11 (Season 42, 43)
Rating/Season: Carl Stephanson 7.27 (Season 42)
All-time Goals: Paul Dorey 216
All-time Assists: Jamie Honeyman 109
All-time Points: Paul Dorey 276
All-time MoM: Carl Stephanson 57
All-time Appearances: Patrick Lowrie 493
Highest transfer out: William Macleay $720,900,046
Highest transfer in: Ioakim Karipis $283,711,010
Most club awards: William Macleay 15
Most league wins by a Manager: David Bethune 224

Most Head to Head matches:Edit

High Park 1813 (Canada) 46

Dockers FC (Canada) 44

Mack Attack FC (Canada) 44

FC United of Guelph (Canada) 43

Hamilton Hotspur F.C. (Canada) 41

MarysvilleRoyals (Canada) 37

Star Alliance (Canada) 32

RHZ (Canada) 30

Northage City FC (Canada) 30

Tonawanda Titans (Canada) 28

United Century ClubEdit

Patrick Lowrie 493

Paul Doherty 479

Paul Jacques 478

Oliver Kirkwood 426

Thomas Carmichael 417

Frank Lawson 409

John Alway 403

Frank Bruer 401

Mike Christopher 388

Bruce Fawcett 379

Paul Dorey 374

Kyriakos Tsolakidis 348

Jason Reeve 340

Alex Rolston 334

Chris Lauck 333

William Macleay 325

Marc Gilroy 312

Nick Schroeder 311

Chris Morin 308

Jamie "Buzz" Honeyman 307

Jimmy Hell 301*

Rob Beatty 299

Tony Sundin 297*

Atiba Beales 294

Aleksandr Karpenko 292

Charles Delaney 282

Mane Kalman 279

Nick Lefebvre 269

Anton Albrecht 268

Scott Robertson 266

Stephen Hook 266

John Dargen 257

Martin Hammel 250

Paul Schrimp 250

Cristian Cocis 248

Jin-Gui Cho 247

Hartvig Kolbye 245

Miku Kull 240

Tru Thanh 236

Frank Straka 224

Damazy Przybysz 223

Paul Minson 223

Wes "Eyebrows" Barager 222

Eren Kiraç 220

Jason Barron 219

Terry Nicholson 216

Michael Mouat 211

Bob Lontelli 202

Billy Mccully 202

Besnik Vrapi 201*

Jozef Fara 199

Selçuk Turan 198

Nick Hollingwood 184*

Wayne Gray 182

Carl Stephanson 181

Robert Neil 181

Ireneusz Ciesliński 176

Dominik Horváth 170*

Mike Mccreath 169

David Bethune 162

Jamie Wipf 159

Loong Haifeng 159

Johnny Sogell 154

Adriano Cabrera 152

Humberto Morales 152

Gordon Garlough 151

Bobby Donovan 150

Abdulah Zeljić 146

Rob Westover 145*

Chris Munro 145

John Yandon 141

Josh Snyder 135

Gregor Nardelli 133

Olle Antonsson 132*

Kevin Freyman 125

Bobby Cloke 115

Bruce Hlynka 113

Daniel Sudbury 112

Mike "Tommygun" Thomason 112

Syed Rizal Rakhli 110

Jack Fowler 104

Tom Gehrig 102

*denotes current roster

Club AwardsEdit


Given to the senior squad player with the highest FITA rating in league and Cup matches after at least 17 matches

Season 7: William Holt

Season 8: Nick Lefebvre
Season 9: David Bethune +
Season 10: David Bethune
Season 11: David Bethune
Season 12: Anton Albrecht
Season 13: Bohdan Kramal
Season 14: Terry Nicholson
Season 15: Terry Nicholson
Season 16: Eren Kiraç
Season 17: Michael Mouat+
Season 18: Humberto Morales
Season 19: Jeff Honeyman
Season 20: Jeff Honeyman
Season 21: David Dehooge
Season 22: David Dehooge

Season 23: David Dehooge

Season 24: Johnny Sogell

Season 25: Mike Christopher

Season 26: Cristian Cocis

Season 27: Mike Christopher

Season 28: Johnny Sogell

Season 29: Mike Christopher

Season 30: Chris Lauck

Season 31: Atiba Beales

Season 32: Jason Reeve

Season 33: Atiba Beales

Season 34: William Macleay

Season 35: William Macleay

Season 36: Jason Reeve

Season 37: William Macleay

Season 38: William Macleay

Season 39: William Macleay

Season 40: Carl Stephanson +

Season 41: Carl Stephanson

Season 42: Carl Stephanson +

Season 43: Carl Stephanson +

Season 44: Carl Stephanson

Season 45: Carl Stephanson

Season 46: Paul Dorey

Season 47: Jin-Gui Cho

Season 48: Jin-Gui Cho

Season 49: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 50: Thomas Carmichael

Season 51: Paul Dorey

Season 52: Oliver Kirkwood

Season 53: Paul Jacques

Season 54: Marc Gilroy

Season 55: Paul Dorey

Season 56: Tru Thanh

Season 57: Arkadiusz Kapuśniak

Season 58: Dominik Horváth

Season 59: Gordon Garlough

Season 60: Rob Beatty

Season 61: Dominik Horváth

Bartlett Boot

Given to the senior squad player with the most goals in league and Cup matches

Season 7: Kevin Wyley

Season 8: Nick Lefebvre +
Season 9: Banel Cristea
Season 10: Paul Schrimp
Season 11: Nick Lefebvre +
Season 12: Nick Lefebvre
Season 13: Nick Lefebvre
Season 14: Nick Lefebvre
Season 15: Paul Schrimp
Season 16: Nazzareno Giacomelli
Season 17: Gilles Mathieu+
Season 18: Humberto Morales
Season 19: Humberto Morales
Season 20: Humberto Morales
Season 21: Humberto Morales
Season 22: Charles Delaney

Season 23: Charles Delaney

Season 24: Johnny Sogell

Season 25: Johnny Sogell

Season 26: Johnny Sogell

Season 27: Johnny Sogell

Season 28: Johnny Sogell

Season 29: Adriano Cabrera

Season 30: Paul Doherty

Season 31: Adriano Cabrera

Season 32: Frank Bruer

Season 33: Paul Minson

Season 34: Chris Munro

Season 35: Nelson Schwartzer

Season 36: Paul Minson

Season 37: Paul Minson

Season 38: Paul Minson

Season 39: Mabrouk Al Biski

Season 40: Carl Stephanson

Season 41: Carl Stephanson

Season 42: Carl Stephanson

Season 43: Carl Stephanson

Season 44: Carl Stephanson

Season 45: Carl Stephanson

Season 46: Paul Dorey

Season 47: Paul Dorey

Season 48: Jin-Gui Cho +

Season 49: Marc Gilroy

Season 50: Jin-Gui Cho

Season 51: Jamie Wipf

Season 52: Paul Dorey

Season 53: Marc Gilroy

Season 54: Marc Gilroy

Season 55: Paul Dorey

Season 56: Paul Dorey

Season 57: Abdulah Zeljić

Season 58: Abdulah Zeljić

Season 59: Gordon Garlough

Season 60: Dominik Horváth

Season 61: Zhou QiZhen

Best Defender

Given to the senior squad defensive player with the highest FITA rating in league and Cup matches after at least 17 matches

Season 7: David Bethune

Season 8: Billy Mccully
Season 9: Kevin Freyman
Season 10: Kevin Freyman
Season 11: Syed Rizal Rakhli
Season 12: Anton Albrecht
Season 13: Bohdan Kramal
Season 14: Anton Albrecht
Season 15: Anton Albrecht
Season 16: Eren Kiraç
Season 17: Michael Mouat
Season 18: Anton Albrecht
Season 19: Mike Mccreath
Season 20: Jozef Fara
Season 21: David Dehooge
Season 22: David Dehooge

Season 23: David Dehooge

Season 24: Bob Lontelli

Season 25: Martin Hammel

Season 26: Martin Hammel

Season 27: Martin Hammel

Season 28: Martin Hammel

Season 29: Martin Hammel

Season 30: Chris Lauck

Season 31: Atiba Beales

Season 32: Jason Reeve

Season 33: Atiba Beales

Season 34: Frank Lawson

Season 35: Jason Reeve

Season 36: Jason Reeve

Season 37: William Macleay

Season 38: William Macleay

Season 39: John Alway

Season 40: John Alway

Season 41: Frank Lawson

Season 42: Frank Lawson

Season 43: Selçuk Turan

Season 44: Nick Schroeder

Season 45: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 46: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 47: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 48: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 49: Scott Robertson

Season 50: Paul Jacques

Season 51: Tru Thanh

Season 52: Paul Jacques

Season 53: Paul Jacques

Season 54: Paul Jacques

Season 55: Paul Jacques

Season 56: Tru Thanh

Season 57: Arkadiusz Kapuśniak

Season 58: Arkadiusz Kapuśniak

Season 59: Olle Antonsson

Season 60: Rob Beatty

Season 61: Olle Antonsson

Most Improved Player

Given to the senior squad player with the largest FITA rating increase over the previous season in league and Cup matches after at least 17 matches

Season 8: Nick Lefebvre
Season 9: Jimmy Daily
Season 10: Paul Schrimp
Season 11: Syed Rizal Rakhli
Season 12: Anton Albrecht
Season 13: Bohdan Kramal
Season 14: Robert Neil
Season 15: Jozef Fara
Season 16: Eren Kiraç
Season 17: Michael Mouat
Season 18: Mike Mccreath
Season 19: Jeff Honeyman
Season 20: Jozef Fara
Season 21: Wes "Eyebrows" Barager
Season 22: Charles Delaney

Season 23: David Leonard

Season 24: Mike Christopher

Season 25: Cristian Cocis

Season 26: Johnny Sogell

Season 27: Mike Christopher

Season 28: Johnny Sogell

Season 29: Mike Christopher

Season 30: Chris Lauck

Season 31: Adriano Cabrera

Season 32: Not Awarded

Season 33: Gregor Nardelli

Season 34: Chris Munro

Season 35: Jason Reeve

Season 36: Paul Minson

Season 37: William Macleay

Season 38: Selçuk Turan

Season 39: John Alway

Season 40: Marc Dick

Season 41: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 42: Carl Stephanson

Season 43: John Dargen

Season 44: Wayne Gray

Season 45: Jin Gui-Cho

Season 46: Paul Dorey

Season 47: Oliver Kirkwood

Season 48: Thomas Carmichael

Season 49: Marc Gilroy

Season 50: Chris Morin

Season 51: Paul Dorey

Season 52: Oliver Kirkwood

Season 53: Paul Jacques

Season 54: Gordon Garlough

Season 55: Abdulah Zeljić

Season 56: Tru Thanh

Season 57: Abdulah Zeljić

Season 58: Abdulah Zeljić

Season 59: Gordon Garlough

Season 60: Paul Jacques

Season 61: Kevin Pigott

Best Newcomer

Given to the player who made the biggest positive impact in their first year with either the organisation or the senior squad

Season 8: Henrik Nørgaard
Season 9: Ante Šarić
Season 10: Terry Nicholson
Season 11: Jernej Stibilj
Season 12: Hamadi Al Dosari
Season 13: Tabib Bin Mansour
Season 14: Jozef Fara
Season 15: Michael Mouat
Season 16: Bruce Bone
Season 17: Gilles Mathieu
Season 18: Kyle Sturdee
Season 19: Bobby Cloke
Season 20: Bob Lontelli
Season 21: David Dehooge
Season 22: Mike Christopher

Season 23: David Leonard

Season 24: Johnny Sogell

Season 25: Martin Hammel

Season 26: Stephen Hook

Season 27: Adriano Cabrera

Season 28: José Rielo

Season 29: Chris Munro

Season 30: Frank Lawson

Season 31: Hartvig Kolbye

Season 32: Bill Macclure

Season 33: Benjamin Arany

Season 34: Nelson Schwartzer

Season 35: Mitsos Theodopoulos

Season 36: Xie Pu

Season 37: Selçuk Turan

Season 38: Giorgi Matabeli

Season 39: Patrick Lowrie

Season 40: Carl Stephanson

Season 41: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 42: Alex Rolston

Season 43: Jin Gui-Cho

Season 44: Paul Dorey

Season 45: Hichem Marchal

Season 46: Scott Robertson

Season 47: Chris Morin

Season 48: Mane Kalman

Season 49: Aleksandr Karpenko

Season 50: Tru Thanh

Season 51: Kim Zhenyou

Season 52: Arkadiusz Kapuśniak

Season 53: Tom Gehrig

Season 54: Eero Korkiakoski

Season 55: Rob Love

Season 56: Besnik Vrapi

Season 57: Dominik Horváth

Season 58: N/A

Season 59: Olle Antonsson

Season 60: Jeff Garland

Season 61: Zhou QiZhen

Future Star

Given to a developing player deemed to have shown the greatest promise while making an outstanding contribution to the club

Season 8: Tino Cameron, Finn Johannesen
Season 9: Sean Sargent
Season 10: Robert Neil
Season 11: Bobby Donovan
Season 12: Bobby Donovan
Season 13: Kevin Adams
Season 14: Frank Maclellan
Season 15: Jozef Fara
Season 16: Frank Provencher
Season 17: Mike Thomason
Season 18: Kyle Sturdee
Season 19: Jeff Honeyman
Season 20: John Singleton
Season 21: Luke Dawson
Season 22: Jack Justesen

Season 23: Daniel Ruckles

Season 24: Chris Wipf

Season 25: Frank Bruer

Season 26: Jason Reeve

Season 27: William Macleay

Season 28: Chris Munro

Season 29: Frank Lawson

Season 30: Aris Gavrilopoulos

Season 31: Paul Minson

Season 32: Nicolas Duff

Season 33: Chris Duerr

Season 34: Benjamin Arany

Season 35: John Alway

Season 36: Damazy Przybysz

Season 37: Selçuk Turan

Season 38: Wayne Gray

Season 39: Patrick Lowrie

Season 40: Marc Dick

Season 41: Mike Faulk

Season 42: Nick Schroeder

Season 43: Oliver Kirkwood

Season 44: Paul Dorey

Season 45: Will Lengfield

Season 46: Paul Jacques

Season 47: Pat Parsons

Season 48: Mane Kalman

Season 49: Rubén Villaseñor

Season 50: Gordon Garlough

Season 51: Jimmy Hell

Season 52: Eddy Bowey

Season 53: Arkadiusz Kapuśniak

Season 54: Abdulah Zeljić

Season 55: Rob Love

Season 56: Rob Westover

Season 57: Jeff Garland

Season 58: Daniel Sudbury

Season 59: Bruce Trussler

Season 60: Andrea Dell'Orto

Season 61: Kevin Pigott

Ironman Award

Given to the senior squad player with the highest number of league, Cup, friendly, friendly league, international, and quick matches played that season

Season 8: Henrik Nørgaard
Season 9: Banel Cristea
Season 10: Nick Lefebvre
Season 11: Nick Lefebvre
Season 12: Anton Albrecht
Season 13: Terry Nicholson
Season 14: Nick Lefebvre
Season 15: Paul Schrimp
Season 16: Bruce Fawcett
Season 17: Michael Mouat
Season 18: Humberto Morales
Season 19: Mike Mccreath, Humberto Morales
Season 20: Charles Delaney
Season 21: Cristian Cocis
Season 22: Cristian Cocis

Season 23: Mike Christopher

Season 24: Wes "Eyebrows" Baragar

Season 25: Mike Christopher

Season 26: Jamie "Buzz" Honeyman

Season 27: Paul Doherty

Season 28: Martin Hammel

Season 29: Paul Doherty

Season 30: Paul Doherty

Season 31: Mike Christopher

Season 32: Stephen Hook

Season 33: Hartvig Kolbye

Season 34: William Macleay

Season 35: William Macleay

Season 36: William Macleay/John Alway

Season 37: William Macleay

Season 38: William Macleay

Season 39: William Macleay

Season 40: Frank Lawson

Season 41: Ioakim Karipis

Season 42: John Dargen

Season 43: John Dargen/Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 44: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 45: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 46: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 47: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 48: Kyriakos Tsolakidis

Season 49: Paul Jacques

Season 50: Paul Jacques

Season 51: Tru Thanh

Season 52: Aleksandr Karpenko

Season 53: Tru Thanh

Season 54: Tru Thanh

Season 55: Tru Thanh

Season 56: Tru Thanh

Season 57: Besnik Vrapi

Season 58: Arkadiusz Kapuśniak

Season 59: Dominik Horváth / Tony Sundin

Season 60: Dominik Horváth / Olle Antonsson

Season 61: Olle Antonsson

+ denotes league title


Notable Former PlayersEdit

Name Country Position Seasons Name Country Position Seasons
Nick "Saint Nick" Lefebvre CAN-DU F 7-15 Gilles "Goals" Mathieu BEL-DU F 17-18
Bohdan Kramal POL-DU GK 9-15 Syed Rizal Rakhli SIN-DU DR 10-18
Ba "Lucky" Chim VIE-DU GK 13 Bobby Donovan CAN-DU DL/DML 8-19
Marc Lefebvre CAN-DU OMC/F 13-15 Robert Neil CAN-DU F 7-19
Jernej "The Sting" Stibilj SLO-DU OMC 11-15 Kyle Sturdee USA GK 18-20
Robert "Flash" Freyman CAN-DU F 12-17 John Westover CAN-DU DL/DML 14-20
Kevin Freyman CAN-DU DR 7-11 Eren Kiraç TUR-DU DC 11-19
Paul Schrimp CAN-DU OMC 7-16 Billy "The Centurion" Mccully CAN-DU DC 7-15
Mike Melville CAN-DU DC 7-10 Patrick "Axe" Axelson CAN-DU DC/DR 12-14
Bob Weller CAN-DU GK 7-8, 14-15 Bruce Hlynka CAN-DU GK 7-13
David Bethune CAN-DU DML/DMR 7-13 Terry Nicholson CAN-DU DML/ML 10-18
Nazzareno "Gila" Giacomelli ITA-DU OMC/F 16-17 Banel Cristea ROM-DU F 9-10
Henrik Nørgaard DEN-DU F 8 Charles Vincent CAN-DU MC 7-14
Mikko Nurmela FIN-DU DC 10-11 Ronnie Murnane IRE-DU GK 10
Anton Albrecht SVK-DU DMC 11-19 Mads Benjaminsen DEN-DU OMC/FC 13-20
Dan Horváth CZE-DU GK 20-21 Bruce Fawcett CAN-DU DC 7-21
Mike Mccreath CAN-DU GK 16-22 Keizo Miura JPN-DU DMC 21-22
Humberto Morales COL-DU OMC/FC 17-22 Luke Dawson AUS-DU OMC/OML 18-22
Mike "Tommygun" Thomason CAN-DU DMC 17-23 Bobby Cloke CAN-DU DC 19-23
Jack Justesen DEN-DU F 20-23 Oliver Annear AUS-DU DC 19-24
David Dehooge BEL-DU GK 21-24 Jozef Fara CZE-DU DMR 14-24
John Singleton CAN-DU GK 15-25 Michael Mouat CAN-DU DC 15-25
Ástþór Beck ICE-DU GK 25 Kevin Wyley CAN-DU F 7-9
Jeff Ruggieri CAN-DU OML 7-8 Wes "Eyebrows" Baragar CAN-DU MR 14-26
Cristian Cocis ROM-DU OMC 19-27 Jeff Stokes CAN-DU DR 25-27
David Leonard NIR-DU DL 20-27 Frank Straka CAN-DU DML 15-28
Jamie "Buzz" Honeyman CAN-DU ML 15-28 Charles Delaney CAN-DU F 17-30
Johnny Sogell SWE-DU F 24-29 Chris Lauck CAN-DU DC/DR  18-31 
José Rielo DML 28-31 Martin Hammel SVK-DU GK 25-33
Mike Christopher CAN-DU OMC 22-33 Atiba Beales CAN-DU DC
Adriano Cabrera PAR-DU OMR/FC 27-33



Richard Davis 7-14
Mikko Nurmela 15-16
Bohdan Kramal 16
Luc Mauwers 17-


Leo Patrick 7-12, 54-
Mikko Nurmela 12-14
Yonathan Uscanga 15
Bob Weller 15-16
Garry Milne 16
Sean Boylan 17-27

Stevie Keir 27-31

David Bethune 31-53

Nick Schroeder (interim) 53

Leo Patrick 54 -

Assistant ManagersEdit

Eren Kiraç 21-25

David Bethune 25-31

Jonathan Corwin 26-31

Jamie Honeyman 31-53

Marc Gilroy 57-

Reserve Managers

Mikko Nurmela 13
Garry Milne 13-16
David Bethune 17-25

William Pettit 25-52

Paul Jacques 60 -

Reserve Assistant ManagersEdit

Eren Kiraç 20
William Pettit 21-25



Jamie Eckensviller
Peter Mccarthy
Colin Mcgroody Stephen Mcnair
Patrick Rinzler

Hall of Heroes

Season 18 Inaugural InducteesEdit

Leo Patrick (Manager)
David Bethune
Kevin Freyman
Nick Lefebvre
Paul Schrimp

Season 20 InducteesEdit

Eren Kiraç
Anton Albrecht

Season 21 InducteesEdit

Bruce Fawcett

Season 26 InducteesEdit

Jeff Ruggieri

Season 30 InducteesEdit

Humberto Morales

Cristian Cocis

William Holt

David Dehooge

Season 41 InducteesEdit

Frank Bruer

Mike Christopher

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