• CruzeiroCobrasFC

    The awards are listed below along with a small description about the players season.

    Edir Leme

    - Edir Leme had an impressive season with Cruzeiro Cobras FC after joing from Polish club KP Ruta he was able to manage 4 goals and 5 assists over the 10 games in which he played and managed a rating of 6.19 over the season making him the third highest rated player in the league. Edir was also able to rack up the most assists for his club with 5 assists in 10 games.

    Thijs Van Halem

    Thijs was able to record 12 goals and 3 assists over 17 games in season 34 making him the leagues top goalscorer, he achieved an average rating of 5.6. Van Halem joined this season for 3.7m from Fc Mxecebi and proved vital in Cruzeiro Cobras winning the league. Van Halem…

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  • Daysleepers United


    September 4, 2010 by Daysleepers United

    (No blog available.)

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