Dovercourt Democrats


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dovercourt Park
March 16, 1961
July 1, 2007

Dovercourt Democrats were an amateur football club based in Toronto, Canada. The club served Dovercourt Village and Bloorcourt with club football for players aged four to eighteen. Originally founded during Kennedymania, the club aligned itself to the American progressive movement, and wore American-themed stars and stripes. After declaring the death of progessive politics in the USA, the club disbanded in 2007, and amalgamated its senior squad with three other local clubs to form Bartlett United.

Notable Former PlayersEdit

When Bartlett United was formed, six Democrats players were part of the original professional roster. Democrat goalkeeper Sam Weasner, winger William Holt, and midfielders Charles Vincent and Paul Schrimp joined centerbacks Billy Mccully and Bruce Fawcett to form the nucleus of the new professional squad.

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