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Flying Harriers are a Scottish team on the online multiplayer game Trophy Manager. The team are currently playing in the Divison 3 Group 5 .

Club HistoryEdit

Season 5Edit

Finished 8th in 6. Division, Group 2 and didn't enter the Scottish cup. Flying Harriers were formed half way through the season. The club coasted through the remainder of the season and gained promotion to the 4. Division, Group 9.

Season 6Edit

Finished 4th in 4. Division, Group 9 and reached the 2nd round of the Scottish Cup. The club settled well into the new division and was challenging up to the last game of the season where a win could have secured their promotion but it was not to be and they had to settle for a respectable 4th place.

Season 7Edit

Finished 2nd in 4. Division, Group 9, and reached the 2nd round again. The club lived up to the promises shown in the last season with a great season, but finished runner-up. The team had a great season but this was not lived upto in the cup will again another early knock-out.

Season 8Edit

Finished 10th in 3. Division, Group 5 and reached the 5th round of the Scottish Cup. The club struggled with their league form this season, but they showed promise that they may do something with spectacular performances in the cup reaching the 5th round their most successful to-date.

Season 9Edit

Finished 9th in 3. Division, group 5, and reached the 2nd round again. The club was dogged by financial strains that cause the sell-off of many top players and those that were kept struggled to fight off injuries.This caused the team to crash out the cup, but the experienced players and youth pulls allowed a solid league performance to finish in 9th place.

Season 10Edit

Finished 13th in 3. Division, group 5, and reached the 2nd round again. With the club on the road to recovery a good season seemed to lay ahead but the manager hadn't counted on some such strong teams entering the league due to relegation and promotion. But with a season the same as last with only one draw of a difference the team was dropped done into 13th and just outside the relegation zone. the third division hopes were kept alive by young goalkeeper Dave Naysmith showing some outstanding performances that earned him u-21 player of the year.

Season 11Edit

Is currently in progress with the team languishing in 12th place