Glass Palace FC
Full name
Glass Palace Football Club
The Palace, Palatsi
July 20th 2006
Selhurst Lane

Glass Palace FC are a Finnish Trophy Manager team based in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The team is the only team that has never been relegated from the Finnish Premier Division, Veikkausliiga and is the most succesful team in Finland having won the title four consecutive times.

Club recordsEdit

Most club appearances (league+cup)Edit

There are some missing players who retired before these statistics including Jarkko Heilala, Mikko Wallén, Jyri Manninen, Karsten N. Petersen, Ludger Rombley and Jason Awai, all of whom have over 100 games played.

Kai Aho2603 to 11
Luukas Paakkari2583 to 11
Arto Paatelainen2353 to 11
Fear Pomeroy1833 to 8
Goran Stankovic1657 to 11
Jarkko Lindström1354 to 11
Diego Becerra1208 to 11
Teuvo Taipale1077 to 11
Juan José Meza1045 to 10
Andrzej Kudys1027 to 11
Jaakko Lähitie1006 to 11

Club honoursEdit

  • Veikkausliiga
    • Winners, season 7, 8, 9 and 10
    • Third placed, season 5
  • Suomen Cup
    • Winners, season 10
    • Semi-Finalists, season 4


Seasons 3 to 6Edit

The team was blessed with some decent players in the beginning. Jarkko Heilala was a defender that was a regular in the Finnish national team, Jyri Manninen was a world class tackler and a good defender overall, Luukas Paakkari doesn't need any introduction and Mikko Wallén was a solid goalkeeper. Arto Paatelainen played as a left back on his early days but never did excel before moving upfield in season 8. During the first season there were three major purchases, Fear Pomeroy, Kasper N. Petersen and Juan José Meza. Meza didn't debut before season 5 but Pomeroy was a regular in the starting eleven from the beginning. In the late season 4 the team was strenghtened with Singaporean national team defender bin Aris and Dutch striker Ludger Rombley. In the two first seasons Palace had lacked a solid finisher and then they got it in Rombley who had awesome positioning and could bury both with his head and his foot. In season 5 Palace played their best season that far and finished third in the league.

Season 7Edit

Season 7 was a season of new talent and old veterans for Glass Palace FC. Young Teuvo Taipale found himself in the opening eleven 9 times in the latter half of the season, made 3 goal assists and had the best average rating of the team (6.33). Jarkko Heilala had announced season 7 would be his last season. The 36-year-old defender played tremendously well in all of his 27 league appearances and thus had a respectable end for his career. Another player to leave the newly-crowned champions was Jason Awai, who moved to Colombian guerreros del balon in the age of 33.

This season Palace made two major investments which cost in total over 200 million. The manager brought in 25-year-old Goran Stankovic and 18-year-old attacking midfielder, Andrzej Kudys. Stankovic was Palace's best scorer with his 16 goals. Kudys debuted in the last league game of the season and won the MoM award. In the end of season 7 GP bought experienced Danish midfielder Elmer Duelund from FC Webmore.

Season 8Edit

Half season played Palace made a valuable acquisition and bought Ouranos Mitsinikos from Greece and a couple of weeks later sold veteran midfielder Fear Pomeroy who moved to bluezyouz. Palace reached a top form in the latter half of the season, Mitsinikos being one of the greater offensive threats for opponents. Mitsinikos played 16 matches, scored 7 and assisted 6 goals.

In Champions Cup Palace placed first in their pool (above Maltan QORMI F.C. and Montenegrin Gorica) and moved on to the knockout phase to face no other than Nielsen VVS BK. Nielsen beat Palace 2:0.

Season 9Edit

Palace was starting the season with pressures to win the title for the third time. In order to live up to the expectations and gain success in the UETA Champions Cup too, Antonio Enríquez was brought in during the NT Sales in the end of season 8 to take the place of retiring Elmer Duelund.

The team easily won the title scoring 70 goals and conceding just 29 in the process. Bacar Di Bullot, who finished second were left 13 points behind from Palace's 73 points. The goal difference, 41, that Palace scored is a record high for the team and second highest in Veikkausliiga history (the highest being FC SuSu's 83:31 in season 6). Despite the success achieved in Veikkausliiga, Glass Palace once again failed to perform in Suomen Cup falling off as early as round 3.

Champions Cup went as predicted, Nielsen VVS BK winning the pool. Palace placed second after a 1-0 away win from Nielsen. Czech Amico Bettola and Albanian Vllaznia F.C. were left behind. In the first round of knock-out phase Palace was again relegated.

New faces in the squad include right winger Kalle Aho and goalkeeper Jan Aho who both played six matches. The two players that really made it to the team and played in the starting eleven are Teuvo Taipale and Andrzej Kudyś. Taipale played the whole season in the defence of Glass Palace. Kudys, who is an attacking midfielder, scored 15 goals and assisted 12 and was awarded with both the player-of-the-year and U21-player-of-the-year trophies.

Season 10Edit

In Champions Cup the team was drawn alongside Polish champions AMT Mysłowice, Swedish FC Zemedriq and Norwegian Fredrikstad fotball klub. Despite winning the opening match against Zemedriq 5:0 Palace didn't manage to qualify.

Current seasonEdit

Season 11 started off with a humiliating 0:2 defeat to last season second placed team FC Lotus. The match itself was quite even as Palace lost Mikael Saarinen from the midfield on 20th minute of the game. 18-year-old Petri Merikannel couldn't lead the four man midfield and Goran Stankovic and Nicolás López weren't able to score, which was a trend that lasted for quite a while. Saarinen aside the next league match against Sumu Stars Palace fielded a 5-3-2 with Diego Becerra, Teuvo Taipale and Andrzej Kudys in the midfield and Nicolás López benched and replaced by Jere Uotinen. Against FC Takkula they returned to the old 4-4-2 (att). Erkki Nurmilehto debuted and played well, Veli-Pekka Viik scored in his debut and Andrzej Kudys was injured. World class strikers Stankovic and López were once again unable to score.

Next league match against Warrior Souls was again a match the team dominated but failed to turn the total control to number of goals winning only 1:0. The scorer Jere Uotinen was injured badly causing the team more problems for the following match against The Knockouts. Kudys, Saarinen and Uotinen missing the match, Palace was still able to deliver. Playing legendary 4-2-3-1 the team won 3:1, with Arto Paatelainen's two goals and Nicolás López scoring his first Veikkausliiga goal. Luukas Paakkari made an appearance in the opening for the first time in season 11. That appearance was also the last of his Glass Palace career as he was transfered to a Danish team. Andrzej Kudys and Mikael Saarinen recovered from their injuries which lead to the winning streak streching to 7 wins after three hefty wins against AC Epelit, FC Rasvanahat and Jyväskylän Voitto. With these wins and Champions Cup match against FC Blau which Palace won 1:0, caused Glass Palace's amount of fans to shoot up to 30 620 fans which was as of 17th May 2008 the second highest number (the leader being Australian AC NewAge) at that time. The fan club shoot up to 31 074 during the hottest winning streak. When 20 rounds had been played Glass Palace were in a safe lead following their 19 unbeaten league matches streak. The streak was ended the next match when Sumu Stars won Palace 0:1.


Round 1

Glass Palace FC 0 - 2 FC Lotus
MoM Andrzej Kudys
35' Juhani Sainio
89' Carl Edwards

Round 2

Sumu¤*¤Stars 0 - 1 Glass Palace FC
86' pen Goran Stankovic
MoM Arto Paatelainen

Round 3

Glass Palace FC 1 - 0 FC Takkula
30' Veli-Pekka Viik
MoM Andrzej Kudys

Round 4

Warrior Souls 0 - 1 Glass Palace FC
28' Jere Uotinen
MoM Erkki Nurmilehto

Round 5

Glass Palace FC 3 - 1 The Knockouts
38' Arto Paatelainen
42' Nicolás López
65' Arto Paatelainen
MoM Mikko Tuovinen
41' Mikko Hyökyvaara

Round 6

FC Rasvanahat 1 - 4 Glass Palace FC
74' Eero Westermark
12' Goran Stankovic
24' Goran Stankovic
59' Andrzej Kudys
86' Goran Stankovic
MoM Goran Stankovic

Round 7

AC Epelit 1 - 2 Glass Palace FC
80' Kwan Chi Minh
24' Goran Stankovic
69' Erkki Nurmilehto
MoM Antonio Enríquez

Round 8

Glass Palace FC 4 - 1 Jyväskylän Voitto
25' Nicolás López
33' Nicolás López
77' Andrzej Kudys
87' Andrzej Kudys
MoM Nicolás López
78' Billy Givens

Round 9

Glass Palace FC 1 - 0 Die Toten Hosen
8' Goran Stankovic
MoM Andrzej Kudys

Round 10

Palloseura Kollit 0 - 3 Glass Palace FC
1' Antonio Enríquez
60' Goran Stankovic
89' Goran Stankovic
MoM Teuvo Taipale

Round 11

Glass Palace FC 0 - 0 Cordell Walker soccer team
MoM Andrzej Kudys

Round 12

The Booker 0 - 2 Glass Palace FC
4' Goran Stankovic
71' Veli-Pekka Viik
MoM Veli-Pekka Viik

Round 13

FC Takkula 1 - 6 Glass Palace FC
17' Alin Nesu
11' Nicolás López
23' Nicolás López
32' Erkki Nurmilehto
48' Nicolás López
50' Nicolás López
67' Nicolás López
MoM Nicolás López

Round 14

Tervarit 1 - 2 Glass Palace FC
22' Matthias Jamet
MoM Petri Kuusela
25' Mikael Saarinen
70' Nicolás López

Round 15

Glass Palace FC 7 - 0 Lucky Losers
25' Mikko Tuovinen
32' Erkki Nurmilehto
56' Erkki Nurmilehto
62' Veli-Pekka Viik
67' Goran Stankovic
77' Nicolás López
93' Goran Stankovic
MoM Erkki Nurmilehto

Round 16

Glass Palace FC 3 - 2 Bacar Di Bullot
42' Veli-Pekka Viik
44' Nicolás López
47' Erkki Nurmilehto
MoM Kalle Aho
49' Eero Vahander
70' Sampsa Helin

Round 17

FC Mixa 1 - 3 Glass Palace FC
86' Kristian Okkonen
37' Nicolás López
53' Goran Stankovic
76' Nicolás López
MoM Mikael Saarinen

Round 18

Glass Palace FC 1 - 0 F.C. Kuulaat Vatsat
75' Nicolás López
MoM Antonio Enríquez

Round 19

Glass Palace FC 2 - 0 Warrior Souls
3' Veli-Pekka Viik
54' Goran Stankovic
MoM Antonio Enríquez

Round 20

FC Lotus 2 - 5 Glass Palace FC
10' Pumin Konavudhi
62' Henri Nurmela
20' Veli-Pekka Viik
49' Nicolás López
70' Goran Stankovic
74' Goran Stankovic
79' Goran Stankovic
MoM Veli-Pekka Viik

Round 21

Glass Palace FC 0 - 1 Sumu Stars
41' Henri Karnio
MoM Jani Litmanen

Round 22

The Knockouts 1 - 3 Glass Palace FC
44' Arttu Björk
48' Antonio Enríquez
59' Andrzej Kudys
73' Nicolás López
MoM Andrzej Kudys

Round 23

Glass Palace FC 0 - 0 FC Rasvanahat
MoM Arto Patronen

Round 24

Glass Palace FC 0 - 0 AC Epelit
MoM' Teuvo Taipale

Suomen CupEdit

Round 21

Glass Palace FC 3 - 0 pakkala traktors, 2nd div
24' Mikko Tuovinen
32' Goran Stankovic
51' Andrzej Kudys
MoM Andrzej Kudys

Champions CupEdit

Palace played in the pool 14 of the competition alongside Swedish champions Tottenham Hotspur, Swiss FC Blau and Luxemburger 1914 Luxembourg. The continental season was kicked off against 1914 Luxembourg. Kudys and Saarinen injured, Glass Palace used a 3-5-2 (def) playing Stankovic as a offensive midfielder. López finally scored four matches into the season. His two goals lead the team to a nice 2:1 win. After the fourth match, against 1914 Luxembourg, Palace had 12 points and was qualified for the knockout phase. Tottenham Hotspur had 7 points, FC Blau had 4 and 1914 Luxembourg had lost all their games. The fifth game, 2:0 against FC Blau secured Palace the first place in the pool. Palace's last pool game was against Tottenham Hotspur, in a game in which Palace had set a reserve line-up. In the match, there were four debutants involved. Aarne Rautanen played as lone striker, scoring his first international goal, Zulkifli Mahat played his first senior match, Jan Aho and Marcus Koljander played their first Champions Cup match. In spite of losing the match 1:2, the team won the pool and was drawn against Hungarian Gero FC.

Hungarians were no match for the dominant Palace side and GPFC moved on after an impressive 4:1 victory. The second knockout round was a tough challenge, as the opponent was a classy Swedish side, HIF. The game was even but in the end Palace suffered a controversial loss on the penalties.

Glass Palace FC 2 - 1 1914 Luxembourg
45' Nicolás López
85' Nicolás López
MoM Antonio Enríquez
63' Albion Cena
FC Blau 0 - 1 Glass Palace FC
MoM David Pasche
6' Nicolás López

Tottenham Hotspur 2 - 3 Glass Palace FC
36' Clemens Eggart
58' Clemens Eggart
42' Goran Stankovic
56' Goran Stankovic
92' Goran Stankovic
MoM Goran Stankovic

1914 Luxembourg 0 - 5 Glass Palace FC
8' Veli-Pekka Viik
9' Mikko Tuovinen
45' Goran Stankovic
75' Aarne Rautanen
82' Goran Stankovic
MoM Andrzej Kudys
Glass Palace FC 2 - 0 FC Blau
43' Andrzej Kudys
62' Goran Stankovic
MoM Mikko Tuovinen
Glass Palace FC 1 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur
83' Aarne Rautanen
21' Marcus Duckmark
30' Marcus Duckmark
MoM Marcus Duckmark

First knockout round

Glass Palace FC 4 - 1 Gero FC
9' Nicolás López
40' Andrzej Kudys
89' Goran Stankovic
90' Erkki Nurmilehto
MoM Mikael Saarinen
65' András Rácz

Second knockout round

Glass Palace FC 2 - 2, pens 2-3 HIF
47' Nicolás López
54' Andrzej Kudys


Nicolás López (miss)
Andrzej Kudys (goal)
Diego Becerra (miss)
Teuvo Taipale (goal)
Veli-Pekka Viik (miss)
16' Joshua Af Malmborg
62' Matija Zukanovic


Hannes Heideck (goal)
Joseph Hylton (goal)
Iago Velado (miss)
Love Sohlberg (miss)
Mark Erbsfors (goal)
MoM Hannes Heideck

Current squadEdit

1DENGKSøren Svave
2FINDFMikko Tuovinen
3COSDFAntonio Rodríquez
4FINDFTeuvo Taipale
5BOLDFDiego Becerra
6FINMFMikael Saarinen
7FINMFLuukas Paakkari
8FINDFJarkko Lindström
9MNEFWGoran Stankovic
10POLMFAndrzej Kudys
11SLVFWNicolás López
12FINMFVeli-Pekka Viik
13SINMFZulkifli Mahat
15FINMFKalle Aho
16FINMFErkki Nurmilehto
17FINMFArto Paatelainen
18FINMFPetri Merikannel
19FINFWJere Uotinen
20FINMFAarne Rautanen
25FINMFMauri Lunki
27FINMFJaakko Lähitie
29FINDFMarcus Koljander
47FINDFKai Aho
49FINMFJan Aho

Notable playersEdit