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Interviewee - Hari "HSR" (HSR United FC)

Interviewer - Johan (IFK)

Forum Post Date - 17th September 2009

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New season and the elections coming up so I add a bonus interview with our new (?) NT manager from India:

1. Who are HSR?

My initials are H S R hence the name HSR I have started playing tm from 30 April 2007 then I started off with a new team this may just 2 weeks after my 2 year anniversary

2. Many English managers are wondering why you are going for England and not your native India instead?

I came to England NT's by chance , I wanted to run in India like I did the 2 previous elections but I didn’t get nominated so I went on the chat and Jordy North End saw me a and just nominated me

3. This is the third time you are going for it so you should have a good knowledge about our team, any key players you will build the squad around?

I'm not particular about the players I mean new talents are being made every week.

4, If you win what tactics will we see on a regular basis and why?

Depending on the players haven’t decided my 1st squad yet

5. All of us want England to win the World Cup; do you see us as one of the big favourites putting more pressure on the coach who wins the election?


6. You finished 8th in a league where you where the only active manager, is that really good enough to earn you the votes from the English community?

I just started my team just a few weeks ago still planning out expansion, well I am the most experienced guy running after chute so can get some votes

7, Who are your biggest threat in this election? I can ban him for you ;)


8. Will you try to get a big involvement from other managers in the forum if you win the election?

Of course or how will I win next time

9. Planning on having any assistants to help you out and who are they in that case?

Not yet

10. If you lose again are you coming back for the next elections?

Yes but if I don’t get more than 9 votes then no

Edit: A few weeks ago is actually 4 months of playing TM ;)