IRON FC logo

Club name
(the) Iron
Date Founded
28th May, 2008
Stadium (capacity)
Isengard (14,000)
Tez Linnell
England, Division 5, Group 79

IRON FC, formerly Really Mad, is a football club currently in Division 5, Group 79 of the English League. The club was founded midway through season 11 and has been promoted every full season it has been active so far.

Old Really Mad Logo

The old logo of Really Mad, used for a brief spell in season 11 and again briefly at the start of season 13 before the new logo was adopted.

Really Mad logo

The second logo of Really Mad, designed and implemented in season 13.

IRON FC logo

The logo of IRON FC, made after the club was renamed. Implemented in season 14.


The kits of IRON FC; home (left) and away (right). The shirt sponsor is 24GOAL

Club historyEdit

Season 11Edit

Season 11 didn't go well for Really Mad as they were then known, who finished 16th in Group 139 of division 9 with 5 wins, 22 draws and 7 losses. They didn't participate in the cup.

Original clubEdit

  1. Steven Gallacher*
  2. James Winchester*
  3. David Barton*
  4. Gary Hereford
  5. Michael Willo
  6. Daniel White
  7. Mark Turner*
  8. William Warren*
  9. Mick Walker
  10. Mick Rowlatt
  11. John Spencer
  12. Theo Beecham*
  13. Lee Stack
  14. Carlton Wagner
  15. Christopher Wainwright*
  16. Adam Matthews
  17. Peter Hawes*
  18. Les Haywood
  19. Damon Hornby
  20. Matthew Keller*
  21. Bromley Vincent*
  22. Luke Ross
  23. Garry Greenwood*
  24. Steve Walker
  25. Richard Melville

An asterisk (*) denotes that the player is no longer at the club


Three players were signed in season 11: Carlo Nardini for two million, Olufemo Duras for 10 million and Robin Frans for three million.

Season 12Edit

After being placed in Group 64 of division 9, the Madmen stormed away with the title, setting up an unbeaten streak that would continue into season 13. They finished first with 20 wins, 10 draws and just 4 defeats. They had cup success too, reaching the fourth round.


In season 12, the then most expensive signing and the cheapest signing in the club's history were made. Vincenzo Rotta, an Italian goalkeeper, was signed for just 100 TM$; Casper Wakeren, a young Dutchman from Eredivisie side Real Raateland, was signed for nearly 17 million.


Carlo Nardini was sold for a loss of one million TM$ after just three months. Mark Turner was sold to league rivals aaron fc (formerly the chapions tottenhamhotspur) for 7.6 million. David Barton, William Warren, Christopher Wainwright and Peter Hawes were all sacked.

Season 13Edit

Season 13 saw the Madmen win their second consecutive league title, finishing with 23 wins, 8 draws and just three losses in the 32nd group of division 8. They weren't so lucky in the cup, crashing out to a division 9 team with an exceptional goalkeeper.


Romanian DMC Codrut Stoican was signed for just over four million TM$ in early November; Spanish keeper Salvador Moreno was signed for a similar price in the first few minutes of 2009.


Bromley Vincent was sacked early on in the season; Theo Beecham was sold to division 5 side Steve Whiting XI in early December; another division 5 side, FC Banta, snapped up James Winchester, while Matthew Keller and Garry Greenwood were also sold, but to aaron fc.

Season 14Edit

After the leagues were reshuffled, the Madmen sneaked into division 5 in one of the last groups, group 79. They are currently in 8th, with 11 wins, two draws and six losses after 19 matches. The club was renamed to IRON FC on 22nd January 2009.


Mihai Schileru, a 36 year old experienced Romanian who is now in his 11th season, was signed from aaron fc for 1.5 million TM$ shortly after the new season began. Robert Smiljanić, a Croatian keeper, was bought for five million TM$. On 20th February, another keeper was signed - a Pole by the name of Nestor Bielski, for a record 23 million.


Codrut Stoican was sold for a then club record of over 12 million TM$ after spending just over two months at the club. Steven Gallacher was sold five days later, smashing the record and selling for over 15 million TM$.

Youth developmentEdit

IRON FC has a huge youth development programme, which has yielded many youth prospects who could make it to, or in some cases already have made it to, the first-team. The best include:

  • Mick Kegan (2125 ASI) - in second year of bloom
  • Andy Davis (646 ASI) - in first year of bloom
  • Robert Flitcroft (448 ASI) - believed to not yet be in bloom
  • Jamie Tudor (439 ASI) - in second year of bloom
  • Tom Holme (325 ASI) - in second year of bloom

ASI is correct as of 20th Feb 2009

Managerial historyEdit

For a brief period in season 13, founder/manager Tez Linnell left the managerial post. The caretaker was Mr Mister, who was later demoted to club mascot (for reasons only known to the chairman, a penguin) when Linnell returned. The manager left again, appointing Murk Turner, the brother of former player Mark Turner, as the manager. Murk was a disaster, threatening his own goalkeeper with violence. He was sacked after his first match, and Bart Simpson was brought in. Simpson was believed to be the perfect person for the job as he knew nothing about football. Nonetheless he couldn't succeed, and Linnell returned for good.


The clubhouse of IRON FC