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The Money bags, Init
1st - Feb - 2008
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Init4themoney  are a team on Trophy Manager (TM), which is an online football management sim. The team was founded in 2008 and play their football in England. They are currently in Division 3 Group 9 and have been in that Division for two seasons now. Init4themoney have won two league titles in their short history along with a few 2nd and 3rd place finishes. The furthest they have reached in the English Cup was Round 8 during season 16.

As the club is relatively new, they haven't been able to win many prestigious trophy's but their quick rise through the divisions shows that the manager knows what he is doing and shows his will to do his very best for the club. Init4themoney's 23,000 capacity stadium is situated in the middle of Huddersfield. It used to be the home of Huddersfield Town FC until their recent dissolution and was bought for $5,000,000. There has been no need to extend the stadium as of yet as it is large enough to cater Division 3 audiences.

History Edit

Season 10-12 Edit

Init4themoney were founded on 1st February 2008. Two days later after activation Init4themoney were born.They were placed in Division 9 Group 192 where they finished 3rd behind Hamza United and Henchmen. They could only play 14 games of the season as they entered mid-way through the season. They won 10 and lost the other 4. The next season the manager of init4themoney never logged in once and a result of this were nearly deleted due to inactivity. However after receiving an e-mail from TM headquarters Daniel Denniss gave init4themoney one more chance and since then they have never looked back. Once the manager was back in charge he had a large amount of money to spend on players that was built up during the season he was inactive. Instead of buying 4 or 5 good players for what was then Division 7 he blew $100,766,800 on a Greek OMR/FC called P. Skiotis from the Greek Club Makedonikos Amisianwn. The season ended well as they finished 1st in Division 7 Group 50 winning 21 games and only conceding 18 goals over the 34 games.

Season 13 Edit

Init4themoney found themselves in Division 6 Group 25. After selling P. Skiotis for $128,966,367 to Huddersfield Terriors the manager invested the money more wisely and purchased J. Agnew and B. Mezouar. Now the squad was becoming more well rounded and they once again finished 1st losing only five times. Also during Season 13 Daniel purchased D. Żałobka for only $3,641,614 which when looking at him now, is regarded as the best buy Daniel has done so far.

Season 14 Edit

The league structure underwent a massive change meaning that Divisions 3-9 had an extra 1/3 Groups compared to what they had in the seasons beforehand. So this meant the majority of teams skipped a Division during promotion with some skipping two! This meant Init4themoney skipped Division 5 and jumped straight into Division 4 Group 25. Whether Init4themoney were prepared for this is debatable as they found themselves fighting for survival all season, and ending up finishing in 11th position. This was the first time they actually had some competition in their Group and realised that in fact their team maybe wasn't as strong as first anticipated. This Season though goes down as the most influential seasons the club has ever experienced as it was the reason why the following season was such a success. The manager realised that he needed to change things drastically and he achieved this by selling the majority of his first team for a more experienced and top class players.

Season 15 Edit

Still in Division 4 group 25 but this time they were aiming for promotion instead of safety. All season they battled with Gazzas Greats and a class act. After sitting at the top of the table for the majority of the season the ended up finishing 2nd, 1pt behind Gazzas and level on points with a class at, with only goal difference clinching their promotion to Division 3. Season 15 was also when the first real top quality youth player was pulled from the Youth Department (YD). A 19*  DL/DML called S. Newman who was later sold for a club record $179,439,065 to L33ds United F.C ™.

Season 16 Edit

First season in Division 3 Group 9 where it's safe to say, the competition gets much more real. After a slow start Init4themoney went on a great run which saw them miss out on promotion by 1 point! The reason for this good form was because once again of a massive change of players, removing the old players for more Division 3 standard players such as Z. Pirija and P. Veršilo. These players turned the first season in Division 3 from a relegation battle into a promotion fight. Also during Season 16 another 19* youth was pulled from the YD going by the name of D. Eastwood. This player will be staying at the club until he has finished blooming as we hopefully won't be needing much money in the future.

Season 17 Edit

A second successive season in Division 3 Group 9 which is arguably more competitive than last season. After a great start Init4themoney's form dipped which meant they had to once again change things at the club. They sold S. Newman for $179,439,065 and used the funds gained from that sale to buy S. Beckham and N. Compton. The season had been another rocky experience, with the team not fully living up to their full potential. Their final position was 8th, which is far below what is expected!

Season 18 Edit

Another season in Division 3 Group 9 sees Init4themoney try to gain promotion for the 3rd time. A poor start which saw them lose their first two league games under the new Match Engine. However the club managed to adjust to it and eventualy finished in a respectable 6th positon. During this season, Init4themoney announced a plan called "opperation banana peel". Basically this would mean they would sell all their over 22's and plan for the future. However they would expect to lose their Div 3 status, at least for a few seasons until their youths start to develop in men!

Season 19Edit


The Pokerstars Stadium Edit

Init4themoney have only ever had one stadium however it has had quite a substantial number of names. The current name is all to do with a sponsorship deal we currently have with Pokerstars. This runs out in Season 19. The stadium currently holds 26,000 spectators with the largest attendance being 25,832 in a League match against Voodoo Acid XI on 31 January 2010.

Facilities Edit


Pokerstars Stadium

Crest Edit


Original Club Crest

Init4themoney have had four different crests during their short history. The majority of them using the club colours orange and blue. The original crest was created by Derry FC as was the second crest. Since then  Titans Corporation™ has created the two most recent logo's. In between using these crests Daniel has used some gimmicky avatars such as Columbo and Ben Foster.

During Init4themoney's NT campaign in Season 14 Gibbylad Athletic (now East - Hull - Athletic) created a special election logo which brandish the words "Vote for init4themoney".

Over the Christmas period the Leopard that was then in the club crest wore a Santa hat to go along with the Christmas spirit. That little addition was created by Derry FC. During the Christmas of 2009 the club once again adopted the Santa hat in a variant of their current design.

Colours Edit


Season 17 Club Kit

Since the creation of Init4themoney the colours associated with the club have always been orange and blue, with blue being the secondary colour. The orange came from links with the Netherlands and the blue coming from links with Chelsea FC. The home kithas predominantly been all orange with white shorts and orange socks. The away kit would have a blue jersey, white shorts and blue socks. However this all changed in Season 17 when the club sponsor Pokerstars demanded that the the home and away kits be in the colours associated with Pokerstars and not the regular orange and blue. The board were apprehensive at the thought of changing the kits, wondering if the fans would take to the new designs. However there was no need to fret as the new red, black and white kits were as popular as the old ones. The kits were based on AFC Ajax's.

Shirt Sponsors Edit

Every season the club had to decide from a selection of about 13 which sponsor would be on the clubs home and away kits for the season ahead. All of the potential sponsors offered the same amount of money so due to this, the only reason a sponsor was chosen was based on how good it looked on the kit. Here is a run down of who has sponsored Init4themoney so far:
  • Season 10 - ???
  • Season 11 - ???
  • Season 12 - Öbel
  • Season 13 - GAME
  • Season 14 - GAME
  • Season 15 - GAME
  • Season 16 - GAME
  • Season 17 - ZEUS
  • Season 18 - Lion
  • Season 19 - Y-COM
  • Season 20

Supporters Edit

Init4themoney currently have a fan base of 9726, with the fan club being called "The Money Bags". The highest number of fans ever accumulated was 10,025 during Season 17. The club averages about 9800 fans a season, however if they are promoted to Division 2, then that would increase to a minimum of 11,000. They regularly attract 24,000 spectators to each home game. The chants sung by the fans include "The referee's a w£$^er" and "Where's the ME gone, where's the ME gone?". Init4themoney do not have many rivalries within Trophy Manager, however the following teams are games that the fans hold in in high regard:

The club's "firm" are the 10-10 crew. The origins of the firm are sketchy but it is believed that it started in an Under 21 game between Init4themoney and Monster Hedgehogs. The game was abandoned after 10 mins after a small fight broke out between the two sets of fans.


Most Appearances:

1. B. Beckwith (103)

2. D. Zalobka (91)

2. E. Irons (91)

Most Goals Scored:

1. I. Kamis (31)

2. R. Verney (30)

3. A. Vassalo (21)

Most Assists:

1. G. Ramsden (21)

2. R. Prajzler (20)

3. A. Vassalo (16)

Most Cards:

1. H. Langston (25)

2. J. Agnew (18)

3. D. Zalobka (12)

Most MoM Awards:

1. M. Orac (8)

2. R. Prajzler (7)

2. A. Vassalo (7)

Largest League Win:

1. Vs Chelseaunited (6-0) Season 15

2. Vs Brendon Panthers (4-0) Season 15

2. Vs FC Slow Crew (4-0) Season 17

Largest League Defeats:

1. Vs Wilton Wanderers (5-1) Season 14

2. Vs Everton Mafia (5-2) Season 18

2. Vs FC LILAUS (3-0) Season 16

Largest Home League Attendance:

Vs Voodoo Acid XI(25,832) Season 18

Most Goals in one Season:

R. Verney (21) Season 18

Most Assists 'in one Season:

R. Prajzler (11) Season 13

Most Cards in one Season:

H. Langston (9) Season 14

Highest Average Rating in one Season (played 26+ games):

M. Orac (6.94, 31 games) Season 15

Oldest Player to Play for Club:

W. Higgin (35.2 yrs old) Season 17 Vs evo boys

Youngest Player to Play for Club:

D. Eastwood (16.2 yrs old) Season 16 Vs Unknown

Highest Total Squad ASI: 238,683 (5th Jan 10)

Highest Over 22 ASI Total: 170,252 (5th Jan 10)

Highest Under 22 ASI Total: 117,576 (23rd March 10)

Highest ASI of a player: M. Said (41,716)

Highest TI of a player: S. Robinson (30.4)

qafqrDFADCup Edit

Season 10 - N/a

Season 11 - Round 4

Season 12 - Round 2

Season 13 - Round 3

Season 14 - Round 2

Season 15 - Round 4

Season 16 - Round 8

Season 17 - Round 8

Season 18 - Round 8

Season 19 - TBA

Current SquadEdit


25. D. Špakauskas

33. T. Farmer

38. H. Osusky

39. R. Wagner

43. S. Scott


1. J. Mondal

2. S. Beckham

19. M. Easter

21. D. Fowler

23. G. Clark

31. A. Muir


4. W. Mills

5. M. Gordon

6. H. Al-Bishi

8. B. Ca Dao

9. R. Britain

10. E. López

13. I. Balint

14. I. Petkov

15. E. Rivas

17. D. Ridwan

18. L. Bortone

22. G. Varriale

27. M. Hayes

28. S. Robinson

32. D. Eastwood

34. D. Perkins

36. S. Travis

40. M. Kemp

41. W. Nicholl

42. J. Avery


11. B. Judd

16. Marcelino

20. S. George

24. J. Bacon

26. G. Beachamp

29. M. Mills

30. S. Horton

35. R. Verney

37. R. Nugent

Player of the year Edit

Season 10: Unknown

Season 11: Unknown

Season 12: A. Vassalo

Season 13: R. Prajzler

Season 14: S. Winterbottom

eason 15: I. Khamis/M. Orac

Season 16: M. Vajda

Season 17: D. Zalobka

Season 18: R. Verney

Honours Edit

League Edit

- Division 6 Group 25: Champion (Season 13)

- Division 7 Group 50: Champion (Season 12)

Friendly Leagues Edit

- U-30's Group 1 Round 1: Champion (Season 14)

- Init4themoney Invitational: Champion (Season 15)

Init4themoney Invitational's Edit

Round 1:

Champion: Init4themoney

Relegated: Welwyn Garden City Rovers FC, Hebburn Town F.C

Round 2:

Champion: Reeth Red Devils

Relegated: Heslington Pumas, Yardley Rovers

Round 3:

Champion: Evo Boys

Relegated: London C.F, Reeth Red Devils

Round 4:

Champion: Kitkat Crescent Crusaders

Relegated: Born to Rip, Geordie Dream

Round 5:

Champion: Kitkat Crescent Crusaders

Relegated: Monster Hedgehogs, Bristol Accademy

Teams Participated in the Invitational Edit

  • Look below for information on how the "total points" section is worked out.
Team Name Round I Round II Round III Round IV Round V Total Points*
init4themoney 1st (C) 4th 7th 2nd 8th 8.6
Inter Yanickers 2nd 6th 5th 7th 5th 8
London C.F 3rd 2nd 12th (R) N/a N/a 7.3
Middlesbrough -F.C- 4th 3rd N/a N/a N/a 2 FL's Played
L33ds United F.C ™ 5th N/a N/a N/a N/a 1 FL Played
Smokin Aces 6th 8th 2nd 6th 10th 6.6
White Heat 7th N/a 3rd 4th 7th 7.75
phobia 8th N/a N/a N/a N/a 1 FL Played
Hebburn Town F.C 9th (R) N/a N/a N/a N/a 1 FL Played
Welwyn Garden City Rovers FC 10th (R) N/a N/a N/a N/a 1 FL Played
Reeth Red Devils N/a 1st (C) 11th (R) N/a N/a 2 FL's Played
Bristol Academy N/a 5th 9th 10th 11th (R) 5.75
Kitkat Crescent Crusaders N/a 7th 8th 1st (C) 1st (C) 8.75
evo boys N/a 9th 1st (C) 5th 6th 7.75
IRON FC N/a 10th N/a N/a N/a 1 FL Played
Yardley Rovers N/a 11th (R) N/a N/a N/a 1 FL Played
Heslington Pumas N/a 12th (R) N/a N/a N/a 1 FL Played
Levice Leviathams FC N/a N/a 4th 3rd 3rd 9.67
monster hedgehogs N/a N/a 6th 9th 12th (R) 4
New West Ham Utd N/a N/a 10th 8th 9th 4
Geordie Dream N/a N/a N/a 11th (R) N/a 1 FL Played
Born to Rip N/a N/a N/a 12th (R) N/a 1 FL Played
Lime United N/a N/a N/a N/a 2nd 1 FL Played
Norwich Rovers N/a N/a N/a N/a 4th 1 FL Played

Total Points: Using the table below, you add up all your values and the divide it by the number of FL's you have been involved in.


1st: 12 Points

2nd: 11 Points

3rd: 10 Points

4th: 9 Points

5th: 8 Points

6th: 7 Points

7th: Etc...

12th: 1 Point

Rule: Must have taken part in at least 3 FL's for your points to actually count!

Youth Players Edit

YD Pulls: Edit

- 20*: 0

- 19*: 3

- 18*: 0

- 17*: 1

- 16*: 1

- 15*: 5

- 14*: 6

- 13*: 3

- 12*: 6

Total: 25 (Includes players that have been sold)

Current Foreign Youths: Edit

- 20*: 0

- 19*: 0

- 18*: 1

- 17*: 1

- 16*: 2

- 15*: 2

- 14*: 2

- 13*: 1

- 12*: 0

Total: 9

Transfers Edit

Highest Transfer Fee's Received:

1. S. Newman ($179,439,065) to L33ds United FC

2. P. Skiotis ($128,966,367) to Huddersfield Terriors

3. N. Compton ($110,252,385) to The Dips

Highest Transfer Fee's Spent:

1. A. Crosby ($123,000,001) from Rainford Rovers

2. N. Compton ($119,524,101) from Brumbies

3. P. Skiotis ($100,766,800) from Makedonikos Amisianwn

Number of Players Sold: 117

Money Earned from Players Sold: 2,519,760,872

Total ASI of Players Sold: 517,270

Number of Players Bought: 119

Money Spent on Players Bought: 2,403,332,409

Total ASI of Players Bought: 605,578

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