19th of March 2007
Der Bäckerei
Josef Hickersberger

Linz are an Austrian 1st division club, who are currently playing in the ÖF-Bundesliga and has been playing since season 6. The club has won the Austrian championship two times. It was in season 9 and 11.

Club HistoryEdit

The Austrian club began its career on the 19th of March 2007, in season 6. The team was born with two decent players. The two players were Wolfgang Arnold] and Hermann Born, both players later became Austrian NT players. In the same season, Linz won the championship in the Austrian 2nd division, group 2.

In season 7, the team made their début in the ÖF-Bundesliga. The first five games ended with draws, but then everything changed. The club began winning games and when the season was over, the club finished as number 6. Due to 2 inactive clubs, which finished in front of Linz, the club ended as number 4 and just missed the qualification spot for the UETA Cup.

The next season, the club had sold all its players, including Wolfgang Arnold and Hermann Born. The club played the whole season with youths. The only normal players were the Danish international Morten Wøhlers and Jamaican international Charlie Robinson. The club ended as number 18th and should have relegated, but due to the fact, that 7 clubs were either banned or inactive, the club didn't relegate.

Following season was the season, were the first championship was won. The club had a great season and the team was very strong with players like Armin Schuschnig, Ionel Paraschiv and Thomas Bieler. The championship was secured on the last match day, when the championship contender Grandorf FC lost 4-2 away against Brutal Deluxe. Linz and Grandorf ended with the same number of points, but because Linz had a better goal difference, the club won the championship.

Season 10 was a weird season for Linz. The club played well in the UETA Champions Cup group stage. The club even won 3-0 against the Danish Champions Pinguin United. In the ÖF-Bundesliga, the club didn't play well and when there was some games left of the season, many profiles were sold because of unknown economy reasons. The club ended as the runner-up.

Another championship was won in season 11. The club had its most successful season ever, as Linz won the league, became runner-up in the cup and were participating in the UETA Champions Cup group stages, but ended as number 3 in Group 4 behind Romanian cup-winners F.c Dorobanţi Buzău and Georgian champions Hooligana. In season 11, many of the club's players began blooming and especially Helmut Hollar had a great season. In the end of the season, two very talented players were brought, the Moldavian winger Robert Dumitrescu and the Spanish midfielder José Seisdedos.

Notable Former PlayersEdit

  • Austria
    • Armin Schuschnig
    • Thomas Bieler
  • Denmark
    • Morten Wøhlers