Manchester Fake
Full name
Manchester Fake
Founded In
Sep 25th, 2007
Master Stadium
Edwin Wong
Edward Wong
Malaysia Division 3 Group 2
Bandar Sungai Long, Kajang

Manchester Fake was founded by Alvin Hoh on 25th September 2007. He paid Millions of Dollars to let Bandar Sungai Long to be the eye of the country. The team was in a crisis during Season 10 when their team Manager was having a heavy injury that let his sidelined for almost a season and the officals can't find a replacement.

History Edit

Manchester Fake was founded by Alvin Hoh on 25th September 2007. He started thinking about the idea to make a team when he was 47 years old. he tought that Bandar Sungai Long is the best location for his team to be. Soon, he decided to have discussions between the community of Bandar Sungai Long. But the discussion became havoc when Alvin proposed to build a new stadium at the location than using the Sungai Long stadium to save cost. Finally after a month of arguing, Alvin has decided to rebuild the Sungai Long Stadium.

He has the team name decided by the public for the inconvience of the stadium issue. Manchester Fake was the final answer for Alvin Hoh. And the public had made problems to him for suspecting Alvin taking a bribe to name the team Manchester Fake.

A week after the team's first match, Alvin decided to retire to prevent anymore problem to the team. But he still pump in money to the club. Former Kajang legend Daniel Koh took over Alvin Hoh's place.

Daniel Koh was succesful taking the teams financial and pumped almost 200 Million in a season. Causing them able to buy good players. With them, they got third place in Season 9. On season 13, Daniel Koh had a secret resign that only the board knew till Season 14 due to health problems. By that time, it was taken over by Edward Wong's older brother, Edwin Wong.

During Edwin's era, he was on the push to have their team going to Division 2 by Season 15 and reaching Division 1 by Season 20. But the road to Division 2 was a bit longer as they nearly got into division just after a lost on the last match.

When the first half of Season 15 ended, Edwin was shot due to a protest about a player being sell on his house a few weeks before the shot. He was replaced by his borther Edward Wong for a temperory basis.

The team currently has just finished first half of Season 16 with only 20 points. Just at the relegation line. Edwin threatended the manager to be sacked if the team is relegated.


Manchester Fake has made big changes since their start of the journey. Here are the current list of players: