Nepean City


Founded January 1st, 2008
Location Ottawa , Ontario, Canada
Nickname(s) Luz Azul
Stadium Ben Frankin
Supporters' Groups White Hair, City Thugs
President CAN-DU Douglas
Manager Currently vacancy
Current Kit
League CAN-DUCanda 3.8

Nepean City is a professional football club located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The club plays more specifically within Ottawa in area call Nepean and currently competes in Canada's Division 3 Group 8. Since Nepean City transformation from an amateur youth club. It has been solely operated by President and Owner who is just known as Douglas not much is known about this man other that he is wealthy and is a diehard Nepean fan. The club's crest features the four emblems- a hill, a tree, an old football and a book the meaning of these remain unknown to the pubic and is often speculated from fans and other Clubs. Nepean City's current colors are white and teal, this has remain since Season 18, when they achieved enormous success and is now consider good luck to the team.


The Early YearsEdit

The club was founded during Season 10 when when multi-millionaire Douglas came back from his slint in Italy with a Div 5 team named condumwaper to Canada. At the time Nepean City was only a youth club in Ottawa, he bought the team and then through various regulations Nepean City became completive football club. The first Nepean team consist of former youth players of the club.They entered Canada's competitive league in Division 5, group 17 In 2008. However, due to other team going bankrupt, Nepean promoted to div 5 group 5 with Areis FC who would later form a life long rivalriy with. In pre-season of season 11, owner brought in vetern (()) FC Neztui Jarko a profile scorer and due to his vast experience he literaly dragged the team in both the leaque and cup, scoring 28 goals that season claiming 2nd place and quarter round in the cup beating serval top teams. Unfortcantly that season would be his last one, he desided to retired dispite prosest from fans neverless the fans were grateful to have him bear their jersry and he was instantly put in the hall of legends (Nepean's first). Following their success from season 11 they were promoted to Div 4.3. Nepean enjoy some degree of success finishing 4th place during this season two major event happened Nepean sold off one their two superstar; Johnson, this cause quite alot of stir with the fans because many thought he was undersold and could have conbriute alot more at Nepean still. The other event was the birth of a tradition, a super DML. Nepean bought Barinda Nutty for a fee of 120 million, when the 27 years old hit the floor running finishing the season with a rating over 6.

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