Intro Edit

   The omaha dynamo have been in business since season 7. The dynamo have had 3 coaches, benny (now is the general manager) he went to be GM to hand the coaching reigns to hall-of-famer Langdon Harris...Langdon was fired in season 15 because of not meeting expectations. Fallou Epande was hired in season 16. The dynamo have had success including 3 trophies and 2 medals..The Youth Development system is well on its way toward being one of the best in tm.

Past Edit

Omaha has won 2 championships. Division 5 and 3 were both titles. Past greats include Langdon Harris, Harold Brewer, Victor Perry, and Fallou Epande. The dynamo have never gone the distance in the cup...but they have beat FC Cape May 2-0 and the past season beat 2 ML teams on the road.

Present Edit

The dynamo have been known for it's YD. Such gets in the system have been Sam Tapper, Erick Garcia, Nathan Bird, Chris Shelley, Sean Sykes, and many more. Sam Tapper has been mentioned a lot in division 3...All of the players named have bright futures with the club. Omaha is in 3.6...facing tough competition every round. They have been in division 2.2 but got relegated. Fallou Epande is the coach, from Cameroon...he is an agressive coach but also the players like playing for him.

Future Edit

The future is full of unlimited potential. The YD players will be veterans and then the process will repeat itself. Hopefully this season or next...we will have the best facilities in div 3. YD and TG are very important pieces for omaha...almost as important as getting wins.

Squad Edit

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The dynamo have a great young backline.

 that is the future for us..we have some older guys filling in til Ronaldinho and Sykes bloom...without the best part of the YD team    GM Grade:B+

The dynamo have problems at the midfield

Suave----Lucenscu---Bank  all of these players were bought on the TL...omaha has had problems developing midfielders..Bank is the only young one GM Grade:D-

The dynamo have a good frontline

Valoff--Hill----Shelley...all of them can score, while all 3 are inconsistant they are all still under 21..