Racing Olean FC is an Association Football Club located in Olean, New York.

The Theo Burris EraEdit


ROFC started season 11 very strongly and opened up a significant lead on the rest of 7.10. Manager Theo Burris was unable to hold up that hot start and finished with just one point in the last four matches. The hot start and resulting massive goal differential (+15) allowed Olean to win promotion into Division 6. Olean\'s Doug Biggers was the leading scorer in the Group with 16, while Nelson Tedder finished with the top match rating (6.42).

Burris brought in four players in the final few rounds of the league. Slovenia\'s Etien Starski provided an assist in two matches. England\'s Joey Keegan played also two matches, while Bulgaria\'s Stoyocho Sirakov was unable to get off the bench. Denmark\'s Daniel Mortensen was man of the match in his debut, which was the last match of the season.

Season 12 With the struggles at the end of Season 11 in mind, Theo Burris started to add talent to the club immediately after Season 11 closed. Bo Cullan, a 34-year-old American playing in Spain\'s fifth division, was the first player brought to Olean.


Goals - Doug Biggers - 16 - Season 11 (7.10 leader) Assists - Nelson Tedder, Bryce Fernandez - 6 - Season 11 (7.10) Productivity - Doug Biggers - 19 - Season 11 (7.10 leader) Match Rating - Nelson Tedder - 6.42, 24 appearances - Season 11 (7.10 leader) Man of the Match - Nelson Tedder, Wyatt Supulveda - 4 - Season 11 (7.10) Cards - Frank Bramble - 7 - Season 11 (7.10)