Training Intensity, or TI for short, is a measure of how much skill a player gains. 10 points of TI is equivalent to one skill point; however, hill-shaped training does occur, where one TI point will raise a low skill by more than average, while it won't raise an exceptionally high skill by much.

65% of TI is predetermined - this cannot be influenced.

35% is influenced by training ground level and coaches - higher level training grounds and better coaches increase the TI.

TI comes in three phases. There is base TI, which is constantly distributed throughout the player's life. Then there is development TI, which comes between the ages of 16 and 19 - this represents the boy growing into a man. Physical skills increase more than others in this phase. Bloom TI is when TI is at its peak. Bloom gives the player the majority of his skill. Early bloomers bloom at 16 or 17 - so they may already be blooming when drafted. Normal bloomers bloom at 18 or 19. Late bloomers bloom at 20 or later. No matter when a player blooms, bloom always starts on the player's birthday and always lasts 36 training sessions (three seasons). Late bloomers generally have higher base TI but lower bloom TI so that they are still usable as players before they bloom.

PRO users can view all the TI of their players since he has been at the club in a graph. Previously the feature was available to all users, but recently it was removed for non-PRO users.