Thedza FC


Full name
Thedza FC
The Royals
February 28, 2007
The Androids Dungeon
Mohammed Struther
United States Major League

Thedza FC are an American team on the online multiplayer game Trophy Manager. The team are currently playing in the United States Major League.

Club HistoryEdit

Season 5Edit

Team was created just before the last game of the season. 3rd place finish with promotion to the 5th division.

Season 6Edit

Champions of Division 5.6 and champions of the Minosz friendly league. Team MVP: Mohammed Struther (GK): 37 GP 0 G 6 A 9 MoM 7.14 Rat

Season 7Edit

3rd place in Division 4.3 and champions of the Summer Friendly League. Team MVP: Galen Salinas (OMR) 33 GP 10 G 9 A 5 MoM 6.27 Rat

Season 8Edit

Champions of Division 3.2 21-11-2 66 GF 23 GA Team MVP: Bo Stevenson (FC) 29 GP 16 G 6 A 3 MoM 6.72 Rat Under 22 MVP: Deng Hsuangtsung (DC) 29 GP 0 G 1 A 1 MoM 5.79 Rat

Season 9Edit

6th in Division 2.1 16-10-8 45GF 33GA Team MVP: Bo Stevenson (FC) 34 GP 9 G 7 A 4 MoM 6.24 Rat Under 22 MVP: Deng Hsuangtsung (DC) 31 GP 1 G 1 A 4 MoM 6.26 Rat

Season 10Edit

Champions of Division 2.1 23-7-4 65 GF 27 GA Team MVP: Stephen Mente (OMC) 32 GP 9 G 13 A 6 MoM 6.94 Rat Under 22 MVP: Greg Thomas (FC) 34 GP 18 G 6 A 1 MoM 5.79 Rat


Thedza FC play in The Androids Dungeon. The stadium seats 29,000 fans with plans in place for more expansion.


Thedza FC is managed by the team's former goalie Mohammed Struther. Struther took over as manager in season 9 after the team's owner Thedza resigned.

Current squadEdit

2USAGKRufus Anderson
3USAFCBo Stevenson
4BULDMCBoris Penev
5USAOMRHolmes Normanton
7CHIDLXie Xiaochuang
8USADMLCecil O'Neil
9USAFCGreg Thomas
10USAOMCStephen Mente
13USADMCMartin Ruiz
15WALDCTim Giggs
16EGYGKAhmed Yousef
17USADRJimmy Schultz
18USAMCJose Terhune
20USADLLynn Taylor
21USADMRKimball Vince
22USAOMLPat Wilson
23USAOMCCarl Addison
24USAGKSean Seldon
25USAOMRCarlos Hardcastle
26USAMRJuan Ambler
28USAFCMarvin Jerome
30USAFCJulio Worley
32USAGKVincent Barros
33USAOMCAndre Anderson
35CHIDCDeng Hsuangtsung
37USADMRBo Makin
39USADMLPhil Stoner
39USADCHercules Butler
40USAMRFrederick Valenzuela
45USADRWalter Rodriguez
47USADMCArthur Stimpson
55USADCLarry Chambers