UETA Champions Cup is a club tournament for the best teams from European leagues.



The format of the UETA Champions Cup is this: First the qualified teams match-off in groups of four, playing each other both away and home. Points, then goals difference, then goals for will decide who goes through to the cup, or 'playoff', phase. In the cup phase teams will play a knock-out one-game cup format until only one is standing: The champion of the UETA Champions Cup.

Teams ranked 1st and 2nd in each pool go through from the group stage.


Season Winners Country Runners-up Country Score
5 My PENIS!!! File:En.png Real Betis Balompié File:Dk.png 5-3
6 Tottenham Hotspur File:Se.png Seattle Blue FC File:En.png 3-1
7 Boca Seniores File:Cz.png FC Palcika Hu tbc
8 Nielsen Knockouts VVS File:Dk.png IFK Olskroken File:Se.png 2-0
9 Nielsen Knockouts VVS File:Dk.png FC Assholienii File:Ro.png 3-1
10Blacktower Bg FC Zemedriq File:Se.png 2-1
11 Orup United File:Dk.png RUS Cheratte File:Be.png 2-1
12 Crimson Kings File:Il.png Olympique Lyonnais² File:Fr.png 2-1
13 FC Zemedriq File:Se.pngFutbol Clab File:It.png 5-3p
14 Crimson Kings File:Il.png FC FARUL CONSTANTA File:Ro.png 2-1
16 Uskana File:Al.png Monty Pythons File:Be.png n/a