The UETA Cup is a club tournament for some of the best teams from European leagues. It is the second tier European club competition.



The format of the UETA Cup is this: First the qualified teams match-off in groups of five, playing each other one time, home OR away. Points, then goals difference, then goals for will decide who goes through to the cup, or 'playoff', phase. In the cup phase teams will play a knock-out one-game cup format until only one is standing: The champion of the UETA Cup

The 1st, 2nd and the 16 best 3rd placed teams go through from the group stage.

Teams ranked 1st and 2nd in each pool go through from the group stage.


Season Winners Country Runners-up Country Score
5 Nielsen Knockouts VVS File:Dk.png Qormi FC File:Mt.png 7-5p
6 Real Elye FC File:Cy.png bobfoc United File:Ie.png 1-0
7 Internazionale File:Dk.png Warrior Souls File:Fi.png 1-0
8Team Uistot File:Dk.png Nadir Bg 3-2
9 FC Goldmember File:Dk.png C.F. MADERA Y CORCHO File:Es.png 4-0
10 Great Arsenal Yarn File:Dk.png Haipong File:It.png 3-0
11 Glamsbjerg IF File:Dk.png GioviEst File:It.png 2-1
12Glamsbjerg IF File:Dk.png FC Zemedriq File:Se.png 1-0
13 Atletico Cassina A.C File:It.png sporting Charleroi File:Be.png 2-0
14 The Young Crazed Peelings File:En.png tomuś TEAM File:Pl.png 2-0
15 n/a
16 Digital Muppet File:Fr.png Les Pieds Gauches File:Fr.png n/a